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Portland, birthday, Race, Sonoma!

July 22, 2011 01:28PM EST
Portland, birthday, Race, Sonoma!

Michael and I are back in Boulder after a whirlwind trip. We started off traveling last Thursday for the REV3 race in Portland which was on Sunday.  I like to arrive a few days before race day in case something goes awry. For example, I wanted to make sure that my bike made it in plenty of time and I really like to enjoy a little down time before race day. Our accommodations were a pleasant surprise! We did not expect to have an entire kitchen in our hotel room! Here is a short video clip of our crib:

Saturday was a busy day. We had lots of race stuff to do and it was my birthday :). Michael always does something special for me even if we are out of town or super busy with race stuff as was the case on Saturday. I was lucky enough to receive some super cute compression socks with hearts on them from a website called While I don’t wear compression socks in races, I do like to wear them for style…or lack of style. Sometimes I like being a big dork. Here is a picture of my super cute socks and of the very pretty, sweet necklace that ML gave me:

Aren’t I a LUCKY girl!?!

Sunday was race day. It started off like any other race. I had my normal breaky of rice cereal with banana, yogurt, and half a cup of coffee. I washed all of this down with plenty of water.

I had a pretty good race….besides the swim. I have been swimming a lot and very well the past 6 weeks. In fact, I am swimming the BEST that I have ever swum in my career right now. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell with the sort of swim that I had on Sunday. It was worse than terrible! I was able to make up for that lack luster swim with a average to good bike leg. (I actually rode what I am capable of at this point). Happily, my run was the best that it has been all this year. I was able to run strong, controlled, and fast. I really can’t complain about that…

Thanks Eric Wynn for the awesome photos. You can see more at Slowtwitch.

While my race was far from perfect, I finished strong and in fifth place at Rev3!

After the race, ML and I caught up with friends who now live in Portland. We loved seeing our friend Rita:

Thanks Rita for the homegrown strawberries! Delicious!

And here is a picture of me and my dear friend, Sara. Sara was my massage therapist when I first moved to Boulder. I am still a bit mad at her for leaving…:)

It was awesome to be able to see these two awesome ladies…Miss you guys!!!

After Portland, ML and I flew to Sonoma. Michael was putting on a cycling camp for the Oppenheimer Fund folks. I decided that I could not pass up the chance to go on this camping trip as our accomadtions were the Sonoma Mission Inn (and Spa)! I liked the perks…a lot!

The camp was a great success! Michael and I rode a really beautiful route thanks to Charlie Woodcock from Solvang Tri campe (our camp leader). And we met some really awesome folks along the way! I was especially impressed with Suzy (the sole woman besides me) and Jon who seemed to be the strongest riders!

It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it. Michael and I had a blast meeting new people and leading bikers across Napa! And I reallyenjoyed staying at the Sonoma Mission Inn…:)

Michael and I are back home. (Thanks to Fee (and Becks and Mary) for taking such good care of our fluffies, Luna, Blue, and Big Frisk.

I was a bit sad to leave the relaxing vacation time we had in Napa, but I am really excited to get back into my routine back at home.

Thanks for reading!





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Growing up on a farm in Southern Maryland, Amanda started her athletic pursuits at an early age. The daughter of a jockey and an Olympic Trials equestrian rider, Amanda did her first training run at age four. That run was to keep up with her father, but soon thereafter she was running to keep ahead of her younger sister. Two years her junior, Diana Gillam and Amanda pushed one another to win title after title in their high school region. Excelling at the 1500- and 3000-meter races, Amanda earned a full athletic scholarship to Old Dominion University, where she was later named MVP. After two years in Virginia Beach, she transferred to the University of Tennessee, where she was captain of the Cross Country and Track teams. In 1995, Amanda left Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science, and a strong desire to leave the intensity of college athletics behind her. Still a Lady Vol at heart, Amanda headed back to Maryland, where she reacquainted herself with an old passion: horseback riding. After two years of moderate inactivity, Amanda embarked upon her triathlon journey as a means to shed a few pounds, and to once again challenge herself. She took to the sport quickly, and one year later represented Team USA as an age grouper. At her second Age Group World Championships in 1999, Amanda met her now husband Michael. She took home high honors in the race, but took home her best friend as well (BFF). In 2001, Amanda and Michael moved from Baltimore (and Austin) to the triathlete’s paradise: Boulder, Colorado, where they currently reside with dogs, Luna and Blue, and cat, Frisco Burrito. 2002 was a banner year for Amanda, as she won nearly every amateur race she entered. A USA Triathlon All-American that year, as well as the Duathlon National Champion, Amanda’s season buoyed her confidence to race in the pro ranks in 2003. The ensuing seven years have yielded multiple Half Ironman wins, including (in 2010) her favorite 70.3 race in Pucon, Chile, as well as four top-ten Ironman finishes. Amanda’s 2011 season goals are to race the REV3 series events, place top-five in competitive 70.3 races, to return to Ironman racing with a podium finish, and to bring a little style back to the women’s pro ranks, by representing color-coordinated outfits each time she toes the line


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