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Blog Talk Radio w/ Andrew Starykowicz

February 13, 2013 09:49AM EST
Blog Talk Radio w/ Andrew Starykowicz

All new season!  Join me to start off season 9 with a brand new show from Andrew Starykowicz.  This show has it all – jail, Rev3 wins, Ironman wins, and even a wedding. And be sure to tune in tonight, Andrew Starykowicz will be taking callers from triathletes like you!

Blog Talk Radio

Simply Stu – Pre-Show Interview

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More on Simply Stu @ or on twitter at simplystu.

For Swimmers 365 Main Sets – book by Andrew Starykowicz


This book was inspired by swimmers I have met over the years who train in small groups or on their own repeating the same boring sets over and over. When I set out to write this book I was surprised at the limited workout material that was available for swimmers. The goal was to take my favorite workouts and share them with you to increase your workout creativity which will transfer into positive results. Each of the 365 sets has four ability levels identified as gold, silver, bronze, and novice to suite every swimmers needs. The sets are grouped by length based on time and sorted by type of training. Enjoy your swimming knowing that the rest of this year you will never have to see the same set again!




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Hi - I'm Simplystu. I founded the Simplystu Podcast in 2005 and have interviewed many world class triathletes over the year! I also do Zippcast for Zipp Speed Weaponry. When not doing podcasts, I work for Rev3 and Vision Event Management calling various races.


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