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Meredith is someone who strives to acquire proficiency in more than just one field while living her philosophy of BALANCE in life. She enjoys coaching several athletes under the purplepatch umbrella while maintaining a rigorous daily training schedule as an elite IM triathlete. 

Meredith grew up in Columbus, Ohio where she was a 4-sport athlete and was inducted into her high school's Athletic Hall of Fame. Meredith went on to receive a Division I athletic scholarship at Syracuse University where she participated in field hockey and track. After graduation in 2000, she used her graduation money to purchase her first triathlon bike and entered in a full IM (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) 2 weeks later. From that moment on, she caught the spirit of IM competition and hasn't looked back. Since that first IM in 2000, Meredith has competed in over 35 full IM races all over the United States. She was undefeated in her 2009 season having been the 1st place amateur woman in every race last year. In addition, she holds the amateur course record at IM Arizona and the age-group course record at Wildflower 70.3. In November 2010, Meredith turned professional and in her first season as a rookie pro, she won IM Canada and placed 2nd in both IM St. George and IM Coeur D'Alene. 

Meredith takes pride in being the best wife, daughter, sister, friend and mentor that she can possibly be everyday. Her family, friends and coach (Matt Dixon MSc ofwww.purplepatchfitness.com) are paramount and their support helps fuel her energies to compete at such an elite level. She is very thankful and grateful to be able to endure this sport and has never taken it for granted. Whether she is competing in an IM, planning parties for others, at work, or hanging out with friends, Meredith feels fortunate to be around people who have a zest for life. 

Meredith also teaches at VeloSF, a downtown San Francisco power-based cycling studio which is an efficient way to become a better cyclist, even out on the road. In the studio, you are on your actual bike which is placed on a computrainer and manipulated by watts, power and cadence. This is Meredith's main resource for cycling for her IM training as she does 4-5 sessions per week (2 of which she teaches). 

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