Win an FREE race entry contest by blueseventy

April 8, 2013 06:53PM EST
Win an FREE race entry contest by blueseventy

How would you like to win an entry to the Rev3 race of your choice? You would like it very much, you say.

Well here’s your chance because we are giving away two entries. These races are not only perfect for you, but Revolution3 hand picks every venue to ensure you and your family and friends will have just as much fun as you do on race day.

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blueseventy is a New Zealand based company, with offices in Napier, New Zealand, Seattle, WA, USA, and Bath Uk. We are proud of our history as an industry leader in technical performance products. We take our name from the simple fact that 70% of the world is covered in water. It’s our mission to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blueseventy.


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