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Florida Race Report by Jacob Rhyner

December 16, 2013 09:55AM EST
Florida Race Report by Jacob Rhyner

Short write up just to keep folks in the loop. It’s been hard to celebrate the season finale with such a devastating blow within my family. My cousin Nick left the world as we know it far too young in a tragic accident. During our time together in Sheboygan Nick learned all about triathlon and the grueling hours of training. He would always cheer me on and keep me honest with a cold beer and a night out for wings now and again. I’ll miss your sense of humor and our chats. I’ll do everything I can to continue the dream Nick– Thanks for the tailwind on Sunday.


Swim 25:16
I lined up directly behind Starky. I’ve learned theres no point fighting for a front line position. I settle in behind a big powerful swimmer and let them clear a path as the race strings out. For the first time ever I was able to draft the front pack the entire swim. I couldnt have been happier as my swimming really took a hit after my obstacle course incident which left me with a busted up hand/wrist.

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Bike 2:05
The pace was hot immediately after leaving T1 and I questioned how long I could sustain such a tempo. I knew if I could just stick off the back my legs would eventually come around. I started to feel better after getting some nutrition and water in the system. The majority of the ride was uneventful. With about 15 miles to go Drew Scott put in a strong effort to break the field and I was caught completely off guard and only Richie was able to go with. After 5 miles of guys kinda looking at each other I decided I needed to limit the damage and try to escape. Especially with Tim Don in the group, a super fast runner, and former World Champion. I was able to get away and with a big effort and I started to close the gap. As I entered T2 Richie was just heading out.

Run 1:16
Considering the meltdown in Williamsburg I opted for a much milder pace to start the run. During training sessions I determined that I can run a 6:00 minute mile and “recover.” This was easy to implement because I entered T2 alone so I could really just focus on my own rhythm and pace. I borrowed a Garmin GPS watch so I had accurate splits throughout. I was passed by Billington at mile 2-3ish and opted to keep controlled vs press. This turned out to be a smart decision in the brutal heat and humidity. Mile 11 was the quickest of the day at 5:30 and I did what I could to try and reel in Eric L. but he was running too strong, and wasn’t going to give up his position.

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I hit the carpet in 4th position– really happy with the effort on the day. Great event, great athletes and the end to a great season full of great experiences. Grrreat.

PRO Recap Video

Thank you! @REV3TRI and @TriCoachK and all my amazing training partners and friends in Clermont, FL!

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