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The end is only the beginning

February 6, 2014 11:45AM EST
The end is only the beginning

During the past few years endurance and adventure has been what I have breathed, ate, slept. It was either being on one or planning the next. Each adventure has been special in its own way, however, the first marathon at 18 was what made me believe I could do the rest of them.

After that marathon, I was dreaming up what my next challenge would be. Although was preceded was a row across an ocean, cycle across America, a river swim from source to mouth, amongst many others, my intention was always to do an Full Iron Distance Triathlon.

The marathon was the most difficult thing I could image and I stumbled across REV3 Triathlon soon after completing it. I knew I had the running down and had been swimming as soon as I could but I wanted to improve my cycling. And that’s what led to the cross-country cycle. After years of completing other challenges, it was time.

Being an Full Iron distance “virgin” everyone told me to set my sights set on just finishing without any time goals. And so that’s just what I had my sights on. Just crossing that finish line within the 17-hour time limit.

I hadn’t practiced transitions or studied the course, things that I probably should have done if I thought there was a chance to be the fastest female competitor. But as I crossed that finish line, I had a feeling I hadn’t before. When I rowed the Atlantic, one ocean was enough. But that question during the race changed from “could I do it?” to “could I do it the fastest?”.

Coming in second overall and first in my division (age 25-29) far exceeded my expectations. Considering I swam an extra quarter mile (turns out I can’t swim in a straight line yet!) and ran too far it made me all-too-curious to see what I could do the next time around.

It may have been the first but it will certainly not be the last triathlon finish line I cross. My little engine is just getting warmed up and I’m ready for more next year!

Sending a very big thanks to Newton Running for keeping my feet happy,GU Energy and SportsLegs for keeping my muscles fueled, and Giant Bicycles for Austin, my two-wheeled boyfriend!

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24-year old Katie Spotz, from Mentor, Ohio, describes herself as having been the “benchwarmer” throughout her life. However, there came a time when she made a discovery: you don’t have to be extraordinary to achieve incredible things. And she set about achieving them, one by one.

The list of accomplishments to her name is long, and includes an ironman triathlon, an ultramarathon in Australia, cycling across the country, a 325-mile river swim, running across deserts and a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. But this wasn’t just any row; when Katie arrived in Guyana, South America, after 70 days at sea, she set a world record for the youngest ever solo ocean rower, one of many records to her name.

Throughout her row, Katie wasn’t just seeking to make history. She was also raising money, for the Blue Planet Network, a San Francisco-based non-profit funding safe drinking water projects around the world. As interest grew in Katie’s amazing exploits, donations came flooding in and, at the moment, the total stands at over $150,000.

Katie is continuing to raise awareness of the plight of the billions around the world suffering from a lack of safe drinking water, giving talks to groups and organizations around the country. Along the way, she can’t help but inspire all who come to see her speak, as they realize that extraordinary achievements are within everyone’s grasp.

Katie’s story has been featured on CBS Morning Show, CBS Evening News, World News with Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper 360, New York Times, NPR, PBS News Hour, and the Discovery Channel. In 2010, Katie was honored by Glamour Magazine as one of their “Women of the Year”, alongside people like Julia Roberts, Cher and Queen Rania of Jordan.


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