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About Us: REV3 Triathlon

Revolution3 – for its founder, Charlie Patten Jr. – the name signifies a return to the birth of triathlon, back to what was envisioned at mission bay, california in the mid 70’s. A time when it was about celebrating being active with family and friends.

Charlie Jr : when I started participating in triathlon it was about just doing the race, then it became about doing it a little faster, then it became about doing it even faster and before you knew it I was out riding my bike while my kids were playing soccer games and I think that was kind of the moment where we realized that the sport of triathlon doesn’t have to be that way, it can be about family, friends, just enjoying yourself… back to the roots, that was kind of the idea behind Revolution3 and the revolution.

The triathlon Revolution now encompasses thousands, some have been doing the sport for decades – for others it is a brand new experience. One of the expanding groups, truckers, this is an occupation where 50% are considered obese – but through REV3’s partnership with Pilot Flying JTruckers to Triathletes are now competing at Revolution3 events across the nation.

Earlier in the year, staff and friends completed the Revolution3 Run Across America to fight cancer – a 21 day, 3 thousand mile journey.

And then at REV3’s HALF-FULL Columbia, MD the entire race was dedicated to the estimated 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer each year. At both events raising funds and awareness for the ulman cancer fund the reason for each and every step.

Charlie Jr: It really is wonderful to use REV3 as a vehicle to help other people, it just doesn’t make me any happier than that.




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