To better plan your race morning, the shuttle ride from T2 to T1, is approximately 15 minutes. The shuttles will run continuously from the Anderson Civic Center to Darwin Wright Park  from 5:45am though 10:00am (or when all spectators have been returned to the Civic Center). Shuttles will be available for all athletes, families, and spectators on race morning. There will be no shuttles post race. Athletes will receive priority on the shuttles, spectators will not be allowed on the shuttles until athletes have been shuttled over. We guarantee all spectators will be at the Park in time to see their athletes begin the race but we want to make sure all athletes make it to the start with time to set up their gear.

You will be able to drop your gear in T2 starting at 5:30am on race morning and then take the shuttle to T1. BIKES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE SHUTTLES.

T1 opens at 6:00am on race morning. Bike technicians will be available in the transition area on race morning from 6:00am to 8:00am. The first swim wave will go off at 7:50am. Remember to bring your Rev3 timing chip, swim cap, goggles, and wetsuit.

You will not be permitted into the transition area on race day without your athlete wristband and timing chip. If you have misplaced any of these items please see the transition area director for a replacement.

Swim Waves and Cap Colors:


  • 7:50 AM Wave 1: Men 18-39 and para traithletes- Neon Green
  • 7:55 AM Wave 2: Men 40-54- Neon Orange
  • 8:00 AM Wave 3: Men 55 and up, Clydesdales, Aquabike and Relay- Yellow
  • 8:05 AM Wave 4: All Women + Athena- Light Purple


  • 8:35 AM  Wave 5:  Collegiate Athletes Men- Orange
  • 8:40 AM Wave 6: Collegiate Athletes Women – Light Purple
  • 8:45 AM Wave 7: All Olympic Men + Clydesdales- Sky Blue
  • 8:50 AM  Wave 8: All Olympic Women, Athena, Aquabike, Relay- Neon Pink