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The ORev will climb to the Anderson balloon water tower and loop the balloon field – NOTE: You will run the balloon field in a counter-clockwise direction, make a U-TURN, and run the balloon in a clockwise direction, before exiting across the road and making your way back to the Civic Center.  You will cross straight @ Martin Luther King Blvd, turning right onto Johnny Mathes Blvd for your run to the finish line.

After departing from the Civic Center trails and pavement, the HalfRev will run an out-and-back course to the Anderson balloon water tower, and circle the balloon field. You will then depart the balloon field and head toward historic downtown Anderson.  You will run rolling hills through North Anderson Park and along Main St downtown, where you will make a u-turn and return to the Civic Center.

Course Preview:

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Safety Plan/Policy:


Entering and Exiting. A participant must reduce cycling speed to an acceptable and safe level when exiting and entering the transition area. Failure to do so shall result in a variable time penalty.

Placement of Equipment. All participants shall place equipment only in the properly designated and individually assigned bicycle corral and shall at all time keep their equipment confined to such properly designated areas. Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty.

Bicycle Placement. All participants must return their bicycles to an upright position in the properly designated bicycle corral after completion of the cycling course and before beginning the next segment of the event. Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty.


Family & Friends are welcome to cross the finish line with you.  We understand this is a big accomplishment for our participants and sharing this moment with those that have supported you through all of the hours, days, and months of training; should be acknowledged.  Be consideration of others, as the finish line can become crowded with these additional people.  

  • Continue to move forward after you cross the finish line, allowing others to finish.
  • Remove timing chip
  • Receive REV3 Finisher Medal
  • Pickup Finisher Long Sleeve Tech Shirt
  • Medical Support on hand if needed

Please be sure to purchase you finish line photos and other race day photos!   

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