That’s right, in Anderson you get not one, but two different transition locations. This may seem a little different but no worries, we have all the complications figured out for you…

Set-Up and Bike Check In (Saturday October 11, 2014)

On Saturday in order to drop off your bike you will need to drive yourself to Darwin Wright Park :

Darwin Wright Park
112 Anderson Beach Blvd
Anderson, SC 

T1 is about 3 miles away from the expo/finish line transition2. There will be a drop off zone and limited parking at T1. You will be able to park across the street, check your bike, and then head back to the Expo or your hotel after this is done. We will have security at Darwin Wright Park (T1) overnight to make sure your bikes stay safe and sound.


Race Day (Sunday 12th)

When you pick up your packet you will receive two plastic bags. One says “Swim to Bike Bag” and the other says “Dry Clothes Bag”. These are for all of your gear for T1. In the morning we will have a drop off location for your Dry Clothes Bag in a truck outside of transition1/swim start. Once you finish your swim you will need to put your wetsuits, goggles, cap, etc in your Swim to Bike bag and leave it by your transition spot. We will come and pick up all bags and bring them to T2 (Anderson Civic Center) for you. PLEASE REMEMBER TO LABEL YOUR BAGS WITH YOUR RACE NUMBER (stickers will be provided). We cannot return them to you if we do not know who they belong to. Please do NOT bring bike pumps to T1, we will have mechanics on site and they will have bike pumps available for race morning.

Once you leave Darwin Wright Park (T1) on your bike you WILL NOT be able to come back. Transition will be closed. If you have a question regarding this, please e-mail

Shuttle Service For Swim Start

To better plan your race morning, the shuttle ride from T2 to T1, is approximately 15 minutes. The shuttles will run continuously from Anderson Civic Center to Darwin Wright Park from 5:45am (or when the first bus is full) though 10:00am (or when all spectators have been returned to the Civic Center). Shuttles will be available for all athletes, families, and spectators on race morning. There will be no shuttles post race.

Shuttle Schedule:

Race Morning Schedule


1st Shuttle Leaves T2/Rev3 Expo

5:45am (or when first bus is full)

Transition1/Swim Start Opens


Transition2/Rev3 Expo Closes


LAST ATHLETE shuttle runs from T2 to T1


First SPECTATOR shuttles runs from T2 to T1


T1 closes for HALF athletes


1st Wave of Half Athletes


T1 closes for OLYMPIC athletes


1st Wave of Olympic Athletes


LAST SHUTTLE leaves swim start back to Rev3 Expo




You will be able to drop your gear in T2 starting at 5:30am on race morning and then take the shuttle to T1. BIKES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE SHUTTLES.

Important to Note: We will load the shuttles based on race priority, we will load all Half athletes first, Olympic athletes next, and the spectators.