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  • For all professional triathletes looking to compete in our REV3 Triathlon events, please complete the form below.

    To be eligible to compete in the professional field, you must hold a current elite USAT license or if you are a foreigner, you must show proof that you are a professional with your National Governing Body of Sport. For all elite/pro triathletes, you must bring your elite/pro cards to the triathlon event and at the mandatory pro meeting. If you have questions about your status, please verify it with us prior to racing, otherwise you may not be able to race.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you compete in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing triathlon event series in the United States & now Mexico!

2013 Series Results

2012 Series Results

Final Series Bonus Payout = $100,000

  • 1st place = $25,000
  • 2nd place = $12,000
  • 3rd place = $8,000
  • 4th place = $3,000
  • 5th place = $2,000


In order to be eligible for the series, professionals must race in a minimum of THREE races, but we will count the scoring from a maximum of FOUR races.

At each race, points will be awarded based on placement.

Costa Rica, Wisconsin, Maine,
South Carolina
Knoxville, Quassy, Portland Cedar Point, Florida
  • 1st place = 750 points
  • 2nd place = 630 points
  • 3rd place =540 points
  • 4th place = 465  points
  • 5th place = 405 points
  • 6th place = 360 points
  • 7th place = 330 points
  • 8th place = 310points
  • 9th place = 295 points
  • 10th place = 290 points
  • 1st place = 1000 points
  • 2nd place = 840 points
  • 3rd place =720 points
  • 4th place = 620 points
  • 5th place = 540 points
  • 6th place = 480 points
  • 7th place = 440 points
  • 8th place = 410 points
  • 9th place = 390 points
  • 10th place = 380 points
  • 1st place = 1150 points
  • 2nd place = 960 points
  • 3rd place =830 points
  • 4th place = 715 points
  • 5th place = 620 points
  • 6th place = 550 points
  • 7th place = 505 points
  • 8th place = 470 points
  • 9th place = 445 points
  • 10th place = 435 points

Loyalty Points:

Additionally, we will reward athlete commitment beyond the four points-scoring races with LOYALTY POINTS.

  • 5 Aditional Races = 300
  • 4 Additional Races = 220
  • 3 Additional Races = 150
  • 2 Additional Races = 90
  • 1 Additional Race =  40


  1. Athletes must compete in at least three (3) Rev3 races of any distance to be considered for the series prize, but we will score A MAXIMUM of four (4) races. (Athletes can better their chances by competing in multiple races. We will keep the points from your four (4) best races.
  2. Series races include the Costa Rica Olympic Rev / Knoxville Olympic Rev / Quassy Half Rev / Portland Half Rev / Wisconsin Half Rev / Maine Olympic Rev / Cedar Point Full Rev / South Carolina Half Rev / Florida Half Rev.
  3. Series ending prize money will be paid out to the Overall Man and Woman
  4. Loyalty points are awarded on an increasing scale to athletes who complete more then four (4) races. The points increase for each race over four (4) that you finish.

Race Entry:



Roster 2013


Event Info:


Course Preview:

coming soon!
REV3 Triathlon Bronson Missouri Bike Course
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Coming Soon!


Both races will start in crystal clear Lake Table Rock, with the Half distance athletes completing a 1.2 mile swim, while Olympic distance athletes will complete a 1500 meter swim. Competitors will then move onto a closed-road bike course along scenic highways with breathtaking mountain views. The challenging course features many technical ascents and descents, and will take Half and Olympic distance athletes a total of 56 miles and 25 miles, respectively. The run course will wind competitors through historic downtown Branson, completed with three loops for the 13.1 mile Half distance and two loops for the 6.2 mile Olympic distance.
The entire course features many prime viewing locations for spectators during all legs of the race, making this is a ideal event for family and friends to experience the race along with the athletes they’re supporting.



Prize Purse:

$50,000 (HalfREV)



We encourage you to visit our website often for updates, Alternatively, you can keep up to date through our social networks.



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