4- Person Relay Team $356 ($89 per person) $426 ($107 per person)$466 ($117 per person) $506 ($127 per person)
6- Person Relay Team $474 ($79 per person)$594 ($99 per person)$654 ($156 per person) $714 ($119 per person)

**Note Active charges a 6% processing fee on all registrations**




  1. Declare yourself a Team Captain:
    While there isn’t much responsibility, there is some responsibility – pick the team name, keep your team up to date and informed, decide who runs which legs and facilitate team logistics like van rental, costume coordination, nutrition and hydration needs.
  2. Register your team:
    The Team Captain registers and pays for the team entry. Members of the team then register as part of the team and can pay the Team Captain for their portion as decided by the Team Captain.
  3. Find some friends or co-workers:
    Each team is made of 6-individuals (4 for Ultra Relays). The makeup of the team is totally up to you provided you meet the Division Criteria (i.e.all female, all over 40, etc…)
  4. Secure your vehicle:
    You will need a van or large SUV to transport your team from Exchange Zone to Exchange Zone while one of you is running.
  5. Prepare for the experience of a lifetime:
    While the event is timed and awards are given,  the fun is in the journey. Decorate your Van or SUV. Wear coordinated outfits or costumes. Plan group training runs. Learn who is a good driver and who you’d rather have reading the map or sleeping in the back.