All parking will be at the Cedar Point Amusement park.

Parking information for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is as follows:

Your athlete wristband is required for free parking at Cedar Point. If you have not checked in they will charge you $15.00 at the gate to park. However, when leaving the park a refund will be provided once you show them your athlete wristband. If you are staying on site at Cedar Point you will need to pay the $15.00 to park and then they will refund you once you check in at your hotel.

Family members or spectators that will be traveling in separate vehicles will be required to pay the $15.00 parking fee on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and there will be no reimbursement.

Perimeter Road:

This is a reminder to all athletes that YES! this year Perimeter Road will be open so you can avoid walking your bike across the beach to transition. Please note all bike laws must be obeyed which means, stay on the correct side of the road, yield to pedestrians, and you must ALWAYS have your helmet on.