rev3triathlon Costa Rica

Approved Speed Suits

  • Approved skinsuits and speedsuits for use in any water temperature:
  • Xterra Velocity 0.02. swimsuit
  • Xterra Velocity 0.02+. swimsuit
  • Xterra Velocity 0.02++. swimsuit
  • Xterra Velocity Red swimsuit
  • Xterra  Velocity-M speedsuit
  • 2XU Kona Fusion Speed Suit
  • blueseventy pointzero 3 swimskin
  • blueseventy pointzero 3+ swimskin
  • blueseventy pz3 swimskin
  • blueseventy pz3+ swimskin
  • Nineteen Frequency SS
  • Zoot Ultra Speed Suit
  • Sailfish Furious
  • Aquaman Insulator
  • Maystorm Skinsuits
  • Rocket Science Rocket Skin
  • Camaro Seamless Modetec Swim Shorty 0,3
  • Camaro Seamless Modetec Swim Shorty 0,5
  • Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit “Dynamic Cut” 0,5
  • Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit “Dynamic Cut” 0,3
  • Camaro Seamless Modetec Swimsuit “Dynamic Cut” 0,3
  • Seamless Swim Shorty
  • Camaro Seamless Swimsuit “Dynamic Cut”
  • Camaro Seamless Dynamic Pants
  • Aqua Sphere Ironman Skinsuit
  • TYR Sayonara
  • Tri11 SCS Suit
  • Orca RS1 Killa Race Suit
  • Orca RS1 Body Suit
  • Orca RS1 Aero Race suit
  • Orca 2010 RS1 Swimskn
  • Desoto Liftfoil Tri Speedskin
  • Finis AMPhibian Tech Suit
  • Erox Turbo Skin Swimsuit
  • Erox Fish Skin Swimsuit
  • Profile Design Mako LS speedsuit
  • Louis Garneau Tiger Shark Suit
  • Louis Garneau W Tiger Shark Suit
  • Skinfit Tri Speedsuit II
  • Skinfit Tri Speedsuit Plasma
  • De Soto Forza ITU Suit
  • De Soto 78 Degree Swim Top
  • De Soto Forza Tri Short
  • De Soto Men’s Forza Trisuit
  • De Soto Womens Forza Tri Short
  • De Soto Womens Forza Trisuit
  • De Soto Womens 78 Degree Swim Top
  • 2010 KiWAMi Torpedo

Course Preview:



REV3 Costa Rica will take place in the Central Pacific region of Guanacaste. You will witness amazing beauty, wildlife, and terrific weather as you race.  REV3 Costa Rica will offer a series of triathlons for kids aged 9-13, Sprint Rev,  Olympic Rev, and a Half Rev.  In addition to some great racing, there will be a ton of fun things to do for the entire family.



Prize Purse:

$25,000 (Olympic REV)


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