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Bike Rental & Shipping

Can I rent a bike Costa Rica?

Yes!  We are currently working with a few bike rental companies and will release details shortly.  If you are interested in renting a bike for the Costa Rica race, please send an email to info@rev3tri.com.

Can I ship my bike to Costa Rica?

Shipping your bike to Costa Rica is not a viable option due to the very high shipping fees and unreliability of getting through customs.

What is the best way to get my bike to Costa Rica?

The most common way to get to an overseas destination race with your bike is to travel with it like another piece of luggage.  If you don’t have your own bike box, you may be able to borrow one from a friend, buy one, or rent one from your local bike shop.  Most local bike shops will also offer a service of packing your bike into a bike box for you.  There are also many videos on YouTube that explain how to do this yourself.  It typically only requires loosening just a few bolts and taking off your wheels.  Once secured in a bike box, you can check it as another piece of luggage.  Check with your airline carrier for fees.  Most of them charge $100 and sometimes you can get lucky and not get charged.

How do I get my bike from the airport to my hotel?

We will be posting information about helping you transport your bike cases (if you are not renting your own car…..keep in mind the size of the car you will need to rent if you plan on putting your luggage and bike box in a rental car).  We will set up a shuttle service from San Jose and Liberia airports (for a fee) to transport yourself and your bike to one of the race hotels.  If you are setting up your own travel arrangement, keep in mind the extra space needed for your bike.

Will there be anyone to help me assemble my bike?

Yes, bike mechanics will be on the race site starting the Thursday before the race to offer a complete service of unpacking, assembling, and checking the gears and components to ensure your bike is running smoothly.  There will be a $50 fee for this service.  Additionally, the mechanics will offer a complete service after your race of packing it back up in your bike box and ensuring that it is safe and protected in your box.  There will be a $50 fee for this service as well.

Bike Mechanics will be at the race site all weekend to offer additional services and bike parts as needed.  If you have special requests, please contact us well ahead of time.  Additionally, they will have CO2 cartridges, tubes, tires, and other basic bike needs for sale at the race site.


Course Preview:



REV3 Costa Rica will take place in the Central Pacific region of Guanacaste. You will witness amazing beauty, wildlife, and terrific weather as you race.  REV3 Costa Rica will offer a series of triathlons for kids aged 9-13, Sprint Rev,  Olympic Rev, and a Half Rev.  In addition to some great racing, there will be a ton of fun things to do for the entire family.



Prize Purse:

$25,000 (Olympic REV)


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