bluesevent helixwetsuit 249x300 Worst Wetsuit ContestOur amazing sponsor, blueseventy, wants to help YOU with your wetsuit blues! Do you have a wetsuit that is a little too old, held together by pins, duct tape, letting a little too much cold water in? PROBLEM SOLVED!

We will be hosting a Worst Wetsuit Contest at the practice swim on Saturday at 9:30am. This is open for all Rev3 Florida  athletes.  All you have to do is show up in your wetsuit (get creative, make your own, or bring your old ratty wetsuit from the 80′s) and we plus a little help from the crowd will determine the worst wetsuit.

One winner will get their very own BLUESEVENTY HELIX WETSUIT!!

Come and check it out on Saturday at 9:30am during the practice swim.  Even if you don’t have a bad wetsuit come and cheer, because it will be a good show!

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