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Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for another great year. We appreciate all your support and hard work.
Please keep an eye here for information regarding our volunteer opportunities for 2013.

We would love to have you back!

If you need to get in touch with us, please send us an email to: volunteer@rev3tri.com


How Can I Help?

We have lots of volunteer opportunities for you.  Knowledge of the Triathlon sport is not required!  We welcome ages 12 and up.  What are your strengths and talents?  Scroll down this webpage and read the questions below –  to better guide you to a unique fun filled volunteer experience!

Please forward to anyone you know who wants to be of service and help raise support and awareness so critical to our mission!

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What are your strengths and talents:

Would you like to volunteer before the race?
Look for an available shift under

  • Packet Assembly
  • Packet Pick up/Racer Check In
  • Bike Check in

Are you familiar with the local area?
Look at the job descriptions for:

  • Aid Stations
  • Course Marshal
  • Sag Wagons

Would you like a job where you stay in one place, either seated or standing?
Look at the job descriptions for:

  • Packet Pickup/Racer Check in
  • Swim Start

Would you like an exciting, “in-the-action” race day volunteer experience?
Look at the job descriptions for:

  • Aid Stations
  • Course Marshals
  • Finish Line
  • Transition Area

or for a “more active” position, look at:

  • Transition
  • Swim Finish
  • Finish Line

Some volunteer opportunities at our races may require you to be physically active, or sometimes a knowledge of triathlon is highly beneficial.

If this describes you, please look at volunteer job descriptions for:r

  • Bike Check-In
  • Transition Area
  • Finish Line
  • Little Rev Zone

If you have any questions, please contact Kristin at Kristin@ulmanfund.org or 410-964-0202 x 103 


Volunteers for Monday, September 26th

  • Race packet Stuffing: Volunteers are needed in our Baltimore office to stuff the athlete packets that they receive upon check in at the race Expo.

Volunteers for Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1

  • Packet Pick-Up & Registration Volunteers are needed to assist our event staff at packet pick-up/registration at the Expo. Volunteers will help distribute packets, t-shirts and water bottles. Volunteers may also be asked to help direct athletes between the race briefings and packet pick-up.

Volunteers for Sunday, October 2

  • Transition Area: The transition area is the fenced in area containing all the bike racks. Volunteers will serve as traffic cops – directing participants out the appropriate exits of the transition area. They will continue to keep any wandering spectators out of the transition area.
  • Bike Finish: Volunteers will assist event staff with slowing down riders at the end of the bike course and directing them through the appropriate chute back into transition
  • Swim Course (on shore) Volunteers help move the swim waves from the holding pen in the transition area to the swim chute. Volunteers will also help direct athletes as they exit the water and will keep spectators out of the way.
  • Course Marshals Volunteers will be on the bike and run courses to direct the athletes to turn the appropriate way at certain intersections. We recommend anyone under 16 years of age, bring a parent with them.
  • Finish Line Volunteers will distribute water, medals and food to athletes crossing the finish line. Volunteers will also be needed to collect the chips at the finish line.
  • Aid Stations: groups have been assigned to the 2 aid stations on the bike course and 4 on the run course. These groups will pass water, Gatorade and GU to athletes as well as cheer them on!
Olympic REV
Half REV

Course Preview:



Centennial Park (Columbia, Maryland)


We believe HALF FULL is having hope and optimism in the face of adversity. Whether it is a triathlon or the fight against cancer, HALF FULL is having the determination and positive attitude to get to your finish line. Surrounded by friends, family and fellow athletes – we are all in this fight together. One Mile at a time, we will finish this race, but more importantly – WIN this cancer battle!

Prize Purse

No PRO race for 2013


The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults <more info>


We encourage you to visit our website often for updates, Alternatively, you can keep up to date through our social networks.



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