The swim will be indoors at the Allen Jones Aquatic Center. Athletes will snake swim, which means they will swim down on side of the lane, go under the lane rope and swim back in a different lane.

150 yard swim = 6 lengths of the pool

250 yard swim = 10 lengths of the pool



The bike is a 1 Mile loop that kids ages 6-9 will do twice and kids ages 10-13 will do 4 times.  Athletes will go straight down UT Drive and crossing over Volunteer Blvd and continue onto Todd Helton Drive. Athletes will stay on Todd Helton and then turn left onto Pat Head Summit Street. From there they will turn Left onto Volunteer Blvd. To continue onto the second loop athletes will stay on Volunteer and turn Left onto Todd Helton Dr, to finish the bike athletes will turn right onto UT Drive.

The Bike Course will be marked with PINK duct tape arrows on the ground. 

1 Loop = 1 Mile 

  • Athletes Ages 6-9 will do 2 Loops
  • Athletes Ages 10-13 will do 4 Loops

Kids Rev Bike Loop UPDATED


The Run will be a .7 mile run for the 6-9 year old athletes and a 1.25 Mile run for the 10-13 year old athletes.  Athletes will leave transition and cross Andy Holt to jump on the sidewalk. They will follow the sidewalk and turn right into the Student Aquatic Center Parking lot and then follow the sidewalk past the Tom Black Track. After the leave they track they will turn right onto Volunteer Blvd. For the younger kids they will stay on Volunteer Blvd until the hit the finish line right outside of Allen Jones Aquatic Center. The older kids will start their second loop by turning right onto UT Drive. The run course will be marked with ORANGE duct tape arrows on the ground. 

   6-9 Year Old Loop                                                                                   10-13 Year Old Loop


Kids Rev 10-13 LoopKids Rev 6-9 Loop



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