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Gorham Bike and Ski has Maine’s only industry certified BG FIT technician, Dave Palese, and is now proud to be the only store in the entire state to offer professional BG FIT services. Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology has been developed by one of the world’s leaders in bicycle fitting expertise, Dr. Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Center for Sports Medcine. When you get a BG FIT from Gorham Bike and Ski you are tapping into the same technologies and fitting and positioning methods utilized by some of cyclings most accomplished athletes, like Fabian Cancellara, Andy and Frank Schleck, Alberto Contrador, and more!

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  • $50 to build
  • $50 to disassemble
  • + shipping



Gorham Bike & Ski
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“I have been and will continue to tell everyone how necessary this is to their cycling experience! Thank you, Dave!”

Submitted by: Chess M., CUmberland Foreside, Maine

I just want to say that in the last few days I have been able to get outside off the trainer, on my road bike and my TT bike and I am thrilled. I have been riding for a number of years, and have owned 2 custom bikes. Last year I bought a production bike and I was a little worried, going from a custom bike to one out of the box. So, I knew the fit for that bike was necessary. However, the changes Dave made were unexpected! I was thinking I needed a shorter stem, and he gave me a longer one – and then set my seat back! The changes, along with the cleat adjustment have made a definite difference that is great!

On my TT bike I was a little more skeptical. I have worked for quite a time getting the proper fit, including getting a different bike from my original TT bike. I had a really good season last year and felt that I had the fit dialed in. So, letting Dave take over (although he marked all of my original settings) was really in my mind an exercise in discovering that I had a good fit already. HOWEVER, Dave got me a longer stem, lowered my handlebars, and raised my saddle (WOW).and adjusted my cleats. I rode that bike yesterday with a smile on my face as I felt the improvements to my fit, opening up the cockpit and making me feel more powerful, and not compromising ANY comfort. Again, I didn’t expect any changes, but Dave made them, and they are GREAT!

I have been and will continue to tell everyone how necessary this is to their cycling experience! Thank you, Dave!


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