How can I track my athlete:

We will have multiple timing maps on the bike and run course. When your athlete crosses these mats their splits are sent to our servers in real time. You may stop by the Rev3 Timing Trailer (located in the Expo) at any time on race day to look for your athletes splits! 3 Separate computers with 40 inch screens will be available for all spectators to use. If you are not watching on site friends and families can still tune in at and enjoy live updates plus a streaming finish line webcam.

Do we have access to any post race activities:

The finish line will be the place to be! We will have post race food for athletes. Vendors will be available for spectators to purchase food.

Where will medical tents be located?

Medical tents will be located at the Finish line. Please see any Rev3 volunteer for more information and look for the red flag that says Medical.

Can I run across the finish line with my athlete?

Yes! It’s best to position yourself at the beginning of the finishing line chute to run in with your athlete. Please be aware of other racers around you…and SMILE!

Where are the best locations to view the race and athletes?

Due to the course being an out and back there will be several spots to catch your athlete. Transition is always a good hot spot to catch all of the action. Spectators can also get a glimpse of your athlete on…..Line the roads and let them hear you cheer!

What roads are closed or have restricted lanes? 

  • 1st Street will close at 8am on Friday morning through 10pm on Sunday
  • Staples Street will close at 6:30am on Sunday
  • All other roadways will be patrolled by police officers during the race