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What is the Rev3 Age Group Series?

The age group series will offer cash and prizes for all age groups, including Athenas, Clydesdales, and Aquabikes. These age group athletes will qualify by competing in a minimum of 2 Rev3 events (or selected partner events). Those eligible races will include ANY Olympic, Half, or Full event in our age group series during the  season. We will invite the top athletes in each division to the championship event which will be the 2014 edition of Rev3 Knoxville on May 2015. This race will also be open to anyone who wishes to register, however there will be separate championship waves and designated space within the transition area. Rev3 will have an age group leader board on our website. We will do weekly stories on age groupers competing in the series. We will provide links to these athletes social media pages and blogs. Lastly, we will highlight the age group championship race with a video! Not only will age group winners be able to compete in the super-competitive series championship race, first, second, and third place winners will be awarded cash prizes. Prizes from our Rev3 sponsors will also be awarded to our fourth and fifth place winners. Age group athletes your opportunity is here. We are excited to serve YOU. Revol-U-tion3 Triathlon. The revolution begins with U.

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Will Aquabike be considered one of the categories?

YES, we will support the aquabike category and will designate championship slots for men and women. This group will NOT be broken out by age (such as under and over 40).

Can I qualify for the Athena or Clydesdale categories?

Yes, slots will be awarded for both categories. To qualify, athenas must weigh 165lbs or above and clydesdales must weigh 220lbs or above. You must weigh-in at packet pick-up to qualify. If you qualify in one of these categories for the championship race, you must weigh-in at the championship event to qualify as well. If you do not meet the correct weight by the time you pick up your packet, you will not be able to race in this category. If you do not make this weight in the championship event, you will forfeit your ability to compete in the championship wave so you would just move to a regular non-championship age group wave.This group will NOT be broken out by age (such as under and over 40).

What are the prizes given out at the Championship Race?

Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 5th place. Additional prize packs are being organized as you read this! Stay tuned for even better prizes to be added to the cash prizes listed below!

1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $100
4th Prizes from our sponsors
5th Prizes from our sponsors

How are the age groups broken out?

The youngest age group will be 19 and under and the oldest will be 60+. The rest will be in typical USAT 5-year increments.

How many slots will be given per age group?

19 and under 6 6
20-24 12 13
25-29 25 15
30-34 39 21
35-39 37 20
40-44 35 19
45-49 23 13
50-54 14 9
55-59 8 6
60+ 6 6
Aquabike 6 6
Clydesdale/Athena 6 6

How does the scoring work and tiebreakers?

Very simply, you receive 1 point for first place, 2 points for 2nd place, and so on. The lowest score is considered the best. Tie breakers for the series will be determined by the lowest overall percentage to the winning time of your age group in the 2 races that were used to qualify for the championship event. The championship event will be mandatory to attend and complete to be considered for prizes. Your championship place will be added to your top 2 qualifying events to determine your final score. The championship event will have a multiplier of .5 so if you come in 2nd place (2 points), you will receive 1 point for this score.

If I am on the top of my age group in 2014 but age up in 2015 and qualify for the championship event in 2015, which age group do race in?

In the championship event, you will race in the age group that you qualified for in 2014. You will be competing in a championship wave in your age group. In this case, you would not receive USAT points because you are competing in a championship wave.

Are there bonuses given for doing more than 2 races?

No bonuses will be given this season, however you can race as many qualifying races as you want to improve your chances and your total points.

What if I win the overall at one of the qualifying events or come in the top 3 overall?

You will be recognized on stage and be given better prizes than the age group winners, however for qualifying purposes, you will count in the championship series qualification by how you finish in your age group. No bonus points will be given for overall.

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When will I be notified if I qualify for the Championship event?

After our final race of the 2014 season in Florida, we will compile all the results and notify everyone who qualifies. We expect this will happen by the end of November.

What distance is the Championship event at Rev3 Knoxville 2014?

The race will be a hybrid distance between a Half and Olympic Rev. The swim will be 1 Mile, 40 Mile Bike, and a 10 Mile Run.

Which races are the qualifier races?

Any specified event listed above in 2014 is a qualifier for the championship race taking place in Knoxville, TN in 2015. We take your top 2 races. You can qualify only at Olympic, Half, and Full qualifiers. You can pick the same distance or a combination. Musselman Half would count as well.

Will there drug testing for the series?

It should also be noted that Rev3 will be working closely with USAT to determine the best course of action in regards to age group drug testing at our races. As more information becomes available, we will share it on our website. Please click here to review the FAQ’s of USAT’s anti-doping program.

What if a race is modified due to weather?

The modified race will still carry the same scoring and qualifying as it would if it were the regular scheduled event.

What races do I have to choose from?

The schedule is as follows:

KNOXVILLE Knoxville, TN May 19
QUASSY Middlebury, CT June 1
WILLIAMSBURG Williamsburg, VA June 15
DELLS Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin June 23
MAINE Old Orchard Beach, ME August 24
CEDAR POINT Sandusky, OH Sept 7
SOUTH CAROLINA Anderson, SC Oct 12
FLORIDA Venice, FL Nov 9

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