Loved this race! The venue and course were perfect!!!
Great expo vendors, especially Muscle Milk and Normatec. The course was great and well staffed with volunteers.
keep up the AWESOME work!! Y’alls races are my favorite by far!
Always feel that REV3 Maine Triathlon really *wants* us to be there, that they want us to have the best experience possible. The gear stickers for OOB were awesome, colorful & unique . As always, staff & volunteers uncontrollable greatness. From feedback I’ve read /heard, if you don’t have those lobster claw, bottle opening medals next year at OOB, some folks are gonna be super bummed! Visors, finishers’ shirts, & PI tech shirts for OOB the best I’ve seen for a REV3 Maine Triathlon race this year.
Great venue, tons to do, and being able to just walk out my hotel room (host hotel ) to the swim start was awesome. Maybe a shorter run to T1, though I’m not sure how you could do that. More buoys on the swim would be a plus as well; I sighted much more than normal because I was afraid I was sighting the half distance buoys .
For a first year event, BRAVO! Your employees were the best. Two people aproached my wife and I after the race, the truck driver and a women with pink hair. They were the nicest race workers I have ever met. My wife recently had twins, and both of them had twins of their own. They inspired my wife to work for Rev 3 next year. The culture of Rev is amazing. The fact that it is family friendly and more relaxed from Ironman. The fun culture shined through the entire event (your employees helped that as well) The lobster beer opening medal was awesome The colors of the visor were great Transition area, all though a long jog from the beach, was set up really well. It was easy to get in and out of. The bike course was really fast and the aid stations were spaced perfectly. It was awesome having ice at some of the aid stations.
thank you for the free shuttle much appreciated ill be volunteering next year as this race will be too close to another event but i do think you guys are the best! although im still missing bag from quassy ;0(
I had an amazing time at the Rev 3 Maine Olympic triathlon. Watching the sun rise over the ocean was incredible, so I did not mind leaving the transition area so early. The cold water was refreshing, the beach was beautiful and I loved sighting the Ferris Wheel and hotels on the shore while swimming. The volunteers were friendly and encouraging as always. The race was very well organized. The swag is awesome ! I have a new favorite visor and love the shirt. And what is cooler than our medals ?! Not to mention how the age group medals connect! – very clever. Awesome prizes too! Thanks for everything!
Swim course was fantastic, lobster bake was a great option, finisher medals were really cool, age group medals were great, run/bike course were nice (little confusing once back onto that main road heading back to transition), aid stations placed well, cold towel at the end was excellent.
Great finisher’s medal.
Beautiful swim, would be fun regardless of weather and wave conditions. But it was a lovely morning. Fantastic volunteers and staff. Nice job getting the community buy-in, I hope that there weren’t too many bad feelings caused by traffic tie-ups along route 1. Got a little crowded out there.
Very well organized and the bike path was great!
The venue is gorgeous and that cannot be taken away but my overall race experience takes a hit because of the lack of post race food. As athletes recovery is key to continuing to race and train and not having a carb based snack slows down recovery .
Really good logistics work considering OOB on a hot summer Sunday.
Had a great race! Really loved the kids activities on Saturday – and the overall family friendly nature of the races. This makes it possible to have destination triathlons with the family. Looking forward to racing again next year with REV3 Maine Triathlon !
The swim and bike courses were perfect. The run got a bit boring, but it was still a good course. You should be proud of your efforts. I will definitely be back.
The SheJams race was great!
All in all a great race.
The swim and bike courses were nice, it was the volunteers that ruined them for us and made them unsafe.
Great finish for final racers.
all except the transition to the bike and have the run course on the trail be exclusive to the athletes
LOVED the course! Most volunteers were absolutely fantastic.
The volunteers were great. I also really enjoyed the course!
I loved my first REV3 Maine Triathlon experience. Running through the chute with my son was a real highlight, the courses were great, the volunteers were great. I loved having the REV3 Maine Triathlon race heads at the expo on Sat and talking to us. This was simply a great race experience.
Great venue…great logistics….overall great race.
The volunteers at this race were so nice! Being able to see your results on the computer screen right after finishing is a huge plus! The food on the run course was great and traffic control was fantastic. There were some tricky intersections that could have been problems, but police and volunteers had them well under control .
(1) liked the swim practice the day before (2) Great bike course (only 1 small bad section of road on the 1/2 Rev course) (3) the run course was nice – sometimes a little tough when passing and you had to get out of the “smooth” area.
I thought I’d hate the early swim time for the 70.3, but ended up loving it. Same swim times. Loved the venue and the course.
Venue, volunteers, staff… Everything else was perfect for a first experience!
Great race. Swim/Bike/Run course were excellent! Can’t wait to do it again next year.
Please come back!!! I’m a local and loved to see REV3 Maine Triathlon come through and boost our modest economy. All of my fellow athletes, most being Ironman 140.6 finishers, were thrilled with the race. Reasonably priced for athletes like me who race for fun and fitness only, and very family friendly. I thought I would hate the long trasition after the swim but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought.
Great event from start to finish. Every bit of it should remain :)
That was the prettiest swim course I’ve ever done. The view of the ferris wheel and the beach front was spectacular. My wife loved watching the sun rise. I’d say keep the race early! But watch the tides for the start. The tides hurt some people more than others because high tide happened in the middle of the swim
Great format will not race any ironman races. You are racer centered.
Basically everything but the post race food should stay! It was awesome! I brought my mother up to spend the weekend with us and to spectate her first triathlon. She loved it! We stayed in Scarborough because the rates and hotels were better quality and there were better food choices and the ability for us to get a suite with a full kitchen.
I thought your company did a good job with the race and I have recommended it to friends for next year.
Such a fun race and nice location. Everything went smoothly, awesome course, great people running the race. See my previous comments regarding logistics (bathrooms at swim start) but that aside I was a big fan of having an hour between the half an olympic start. It really eased up congestion on the course and there was no cross-over between the races. Will definitely be back next year!
I am very glad that REV3 Maine Triathlon sends out these surveys because I was meaning to write the race director following the race. I had the most amazing time at REV3 Maine Triathlon Maine ! What a SPECTACULAR venue! The swim was epic. The bike course was fair. I also really liked to run, especially the trail. SUCH a great race! PS: I think of Rev 3 as the Pepsi to Ironman’s Coca-Cola. Ironman is the “classic,” original race… but Rev 3 is the newer, sexier race that is more fun and youthful!
Very organized and professional. Great venue and weather. The gal who helped me with my wet suit cluster was awesome. She ran the race with her dad/gramps. They didn’t have my reservation, which was a bit annoying, but she was super great about helping. Give her a raise.
VERY organized, very upbeat, everyone was SO nice. The course was extremely well marked, I felt I could completely enjoy my experience with no anxiety over the course.This was my first Olympic tri distance race and I could not have ahd a better day. I truly loved every minute, thank you REV3 Maine Triathlon for mkaing it such a positive experience
Awesome volunteers and OOB did a great job supporting you all!! I tried to thank as many folks as I could while out on the course.
Very positive and friendly staff and volunteers and very clear instructions/transition area/course markings. Maybe one water stop on the bike would be nice, but I assume there was one for the half rev. The run from the beach turned out to be fun (I was worried about the four block trek!) Please maintain your family friendly atmosphere because my family loved the weekend!
The race was pretty great so I would keep all.
I loved the course and the volunteers.
Volunteers were great! I like the swim course because we swam with the current! The course was well marked and I felt very safe. Everything went smoothly for having 2 races going on at the same time.
Very well indicated bike course (arrows on the pavement: perfect).
Overall, this was a great race experience, and I would definitely plan on doing another REV3 Maine Triathlon event in the future. Hopefully, I will be able to participate in another REV3 Maine Triathlon event in Old Orchard Beach next year. Everything about the race, the venue , the staff, expo, etc., was top notch, with the lone exception being the food options (see above).
Overall the location of the race was great. There aren’t many opportunities for big events in Maine. The roads are awesome for riding. I’d like to see the Oly course be a loop rather than out and back.
loved, loved, loved the course and the venue. you had the friendliest cops at intersections that I’ve ever seen (I always thank them, generally they ignore me. Yours actually wished me well.).
Just hoping that you come back next year- best race ever for me, and must do it again!!!!!
The REV3 Maine Triathlon staff is phenomenal; the course was great; everything was amazing! To see this happen in my backyard was breath-taking. Awesome awesome awesome!
The course was very well marked. The race staff, volunteers, and law enforcement were wonderful. Aside from the Port-O-Pots, transition was great with lots of room . Expo was nice for it being a first year. The medal was really neat looking. We really did enjoy the race!
1. Amazingly well organized, great volunteers, all staff, volunteers and competitors were really friendly and nice to each other!! 2. Great location, run and bike courses were so fun and shady – I found the eastern trail, didn’t even know it existed before – great job! 3. Race swag was fabulous – Blue Seventy goggles, who could complain about that! 4. Great that family can run in at the end – even if my 6 year old had a meltdown because she lost her croc in the shute! Obviously great weather helped, but I brought 3 ladies to the race who had never done an Olympic distance before, they trained all summer and had an awesome day – they couldn’t say enough good things about it. Thanks for a great race.
From 4:30 am to 3pm I did not meet a volunteer or rev worker who was not helpful pleasant and/or energetic.. Great race… Great people.
The people were very positive. Great finishers medals. The lobster bake is a great idea, if it didn’t cost more than a nice lobster dinner at a local restaurant . The venue was great.
the overall course coverage. THe material published (PDF) before the race was inaccurate . The race start time was way too early for us olympic distance folks
I loved the race! It was my first Olympic tri and everyone was so nice. I loved the training sessions offered by REV3 Maine Triathlon, Sustainable Athlete and SheJAMs. Please offer them again. I raced in the SheJAMs race and hope you offer that again because I most likely wouldn’t race if there were only coed options. Thank you for putting on a great race! Also, I LOVED the medals you designed and the finisher shirts !!
This was my first Half Ironman, and I am so happy I did it at a REV3 Maine Triathlon race. The volunteers at the aid stations on the water and the bike courses were out of this world amazing , and so supportive. The courses were all great – the water temp was perfect, the bike course was beautiful and the run course was nice and shaded, for the most part. Thank you for putting on such a great race!
Announcer had good energy staff were friendly and helpful, volunteers were great enjoyed music in transition area # of aid stations on run was very helpful bike and run course was well marked I liked the medal and the finishers shirt (could you consider a tech t-shirt?) i liked how family friendly and supportive staff and volunteers were to slower/back of the pack athletes. we were made to feel valued and included. i look forward to racing with you again next year and dramatically improving my time! :-)
Break in transition between Oly and 70.3 distances. Alow later start times more time in in transition/set up before closing transition
My team and I have done many of your races and you are the most friendly and proffesional organizations. Loved your race this past weekend and I plan on being there next year. I can’t wait to see where you set up your next TRI race. You will see me , my team and my family you can count on that. Steve Rand
Keep the venue. Place more emphasis on booking hotels early (3+ months in advance ) as it’s difficult to find a hotel room for the entire weekend at the beach. Great event for families.
the medals were awesome, lobster bake amazing, the venue was pretty damn badazz. loved how you were tight on security.
Course was very well marked and planned. Wouldn’t change a thing! Expo was awesome ! Race swag was awesome! REV3 Maine Triathlon staff was awesome!
I absolutely loved the entire experience and hope you come back next year. I live locally and the way things worked out with all the surrounding towns with OOB was perfect.
Other than 18 above, everything was perfect! Hope you stay in Old Orchard every year!!
I wouldn’t change anything. Great event! Please do it again.
We have done numerous half distance races this year…this one was the absolute most fun! We had an incredible time from start to finish! The ocean cooperated , the bike course was beautiful and the run course was shady, flat and fast! The volunteers were extremely helpful and supportive and the post race lobster was the icing on the cake! Thanks for putting on a great race, and making our last long course event of the year so memorable!
Wow! This was my first tri and I am incredibly impressed by your company. I come as a rower, and am used to nothing at regattas. Holy crap. I love love love your company, your energy, and this experience makes me excited for a new sport. I will follow this race to fla! Thanks even to the friendliest volunteer staff! I am a raving fan.
I loved the course. It was amazing and the race was great.
We already have a group going next year, this was a great family venue and will highly suggest to others. Rev 3 does it right!!!
Beautiful location, great volunteers, loved the Rev kids scavenger hunt.
Great energy and event
I would have like to be able to purchase a REV3 Maine Triathlon generic running cap, but did not see any in the store.
loved the race and would travel to a different vanue in the future
(1) The venue was absolutely awesome. I loved the town, the amusement parks, the beach, everything! :-) (2) I like how we could meet the pros. (3) I liked the way the transition area was clearly numbered. Athletes had 0 chance of running past their station. It was great. (4) the aid stations on the run were among the best I have ever seen. They were well equipped. I loved it! (5) I thought the race announcements were VERY clear and useful. (6) I thought the athlete meeting cleared up alot of issues and questions people had. (7) the expo area had a very exciting air to it. I had a great time there.
Everything!!! I wouldn’t change a thing! I was so impressed with the whole organization of the event and so were my friends. They are even thinking about do the event next year. I was a little intimadated by the large mix of people but sweat and running shoes equilizes all of us. Great job!
The race was awesome. Post race food was a fair. Location was great. Class organization with family in mind that is important
Volunteers and staff were super friendly; race swag was great; on-course support was great (I got a flat on my bike and didn’t lose more than 10 minutes); beautiful venue and I felt like the atmosphere was more about the traditional age grouper . My friend and family really enjoyed the atomosphere and found spectating to be enjoyable on the course and for the hours of milling around in between spotting me (I’ll work on being faster). I would race here again and would love it if you brought a 140.6 to Maine.
This was far and away the best race experience i have ever had. From the venue, the course, the staff, the aid stations….all world class. I am sure this race sells out next year.
I was impressed with the event. Very well organized and staffed. I felt like I got my money’s worth for sure. There are some rumblings here in the Southern Maine triathlon community that REV3 Maine Triathlon may add a “full” distance for next year. I can tell you that it would be well received and well attended! Let’s do it! Oh, and thanks for the salt tabs at the run aid stations – needed that!
The volunteers and the police were fantastic. Overall it was a very well run race .
Staff and volunteers were amazing!! The prayer before starting the race was comforting . Sun rising as we were swimming in the ocean was the most amazing experience ever !!! I will definitely sign up for another REV3 Maine Triathlon event!
Outstanding course. Well organized race. Everything about it was great except for what I mentioned above. I’d definitely do this race again.
Race day went smoothly!Maybe more post race food option for those who wished to not pay $28+ for a lobster bake
Rev 3 staff & volunteers were fantastic!
Overall, the race was excellent and very fun, so I don’t mean to be a negative nancy with all my constructive criticism. I prefer this race over my recent timberman experiences, despite the trashy nature of OOB. The organization on site and the announcers were excellent. The setup at transition was very fan friendly. Good work on having paper cups in the run, since it’s way easier to do the fold and drink than to deal with plastic cups. The olympic bike course was awesome . The roads were so smooth and there weren’t very many cars. The route 1 crossover went very well. I wasnt scared at all. The run course was also very nice. I almost wished that i could keep going along the half iron course so i could stay on the bike path for longer. It was awesome to have such easy access to the massage and ART afterwards. The ART practitioner that helped me was incredible and so nice. I forgot his name, but he lives in Reading, MA and has a practice in Everett, MA. Bring him back next year! The volunteers at the finish line were super nice. A woman took of my chip without asking me to bend over and I was giving a million different drinks and towels.
OMG the post race food should bring back all participants! Excellent experience ….and Rev 3 supports Bree Wee who is a wonderful person, so that makes me like them too! I enjoy spending money with a company that is trying to do a good job like Rev 3. I resent any money going to WTC. The only reason to attend a WTC event is if you want to qualify for their championships.
Trevor on staff fixed my huge mistake and saved my whole race/experience! Thanks for a great race. Venue was beautiful, will join next year.
i thought everything was GREAT!!!! def cant wait for next year
I think the northeast region needs a Full distance race
I finished! The support and everything from check in to racing to finishing was great (except the no photo..). I love how you announce the finishers name when they finish and I love how my family could cross the finish with me. Don’t change that.
The volunteers were awesome, both in transition and along the course. They were friendly and helpful, especially when shouting out what type of fluid/food they had. The bike course was marked really well. Most importantly to me, the run course was well marked and there were plenty of aid stations. It was also a beautiful course! I loved watching the staff and volunteers cheering in the last finisher. It was a tremendous show of support and cohesion. I have never been to such a well-organized event. It seemed that no detail was overlooked and I was really impressed that the race and all related activities started right on time. Quite a feat! I would recommend your events to my friends and fellow athletes . Thanks for a great experience!
Great course overall. New pavement on Simpson Rd and the bike course would have been perfect. Best race venue/ atmosphere/ energy for that distance I’ve been a part of. Like the rear wheel transition racks
The weather!!!! The lack of wind on race morning was key to the swim. You may be challenged if you have a windy day. . . might want to start the Half swim further down the beach, rather than going out so far. Great venue, actually. Great courses , though lack of shade on parts of the run was tough. But all in all, you did a great job.
REV3 Maine Triathlon Maine was the best race experience I’ve ever had. I am very excited to race it again next year.
The bike and run course was extremely well marked and easy to follow. I also loved the free race entry prize for an age group win. THAT was awesome!
Staff! Volunteers! Visors! The sunrise!
The courses really were spectacular. Personally I loved the sunrise swim start. GORGEOUS!!! The half rev bike course was one of the most pleasant rides ever (except the bumpy section, but everyone has seen worse). The course marking was very clear . The run on the unpaved trail was wonderful and forgivingly soft and flat. The aid stations were abundant and well staffed. The volunteers were AWESOME and so helpful and supportive!!
Great bike course Great staff and volunteers Very well organized
– The theme colors: Lobster and Blue are excellent and provide a positive atmosphere – Love the small numbers in the wave starts – Love the shade on the run course – Love the not so competitive atmosphere, and relatively small field – Race hotel location is excellent – didn’t have to move the car all weekend
First REV3 Maine Triathlon event and I absolutely loved everything. I cannot wait to sign up for another event. You guys have officially become my favorite race venue.
The volunteers were awesome-knowledgeable and friendly. I loved being able to walk 4 minutes from my hotel to the transition (and 1 minute from hotel to swim start )
All the volunteers and REV3 Maine Triathlon staff were great! The pre race meeting was good, quick and informative.
Volunteers were absolutely fantastic. Rev 3 staff was extremely nice. Routes were extremely well-marked and very visible!
Great course! (very glad the race was Sunday and not Monday – the ocean was endless whitecaps by Monday morning- phew) Great REV3 Maine Triathlon crew of staff & volunteers – you guys put on one hell of an event! Absolutely plan to do REV3 Maine Triathlon again – thanks for adding Maine to your circuit!
Once again, I was very impressed with the friendliness and helpful attitude of all of the REV3 Maine Triathlon staff.
I found the venue had a lot of energy and the volunteers were friendly and very helpful. Definitely enjoyed this event and would do it again.
Loved the cold water at the aid station and the iced towel…super! Loved that several of the pros provided encouragement on the bike course…suer of them so thank them for me!
Wet towels at finish line! –Woohoo Metals for kids of athletes at the finish line –very sweet Very nice, personable and helpful REV3 Maine Triathlon employees The overall atmosphere of the race was very positive and friendly. Announcer and many very fast athletes (while racing) taking the time to give shout outs to SheJAMS athletes!
I had such a great time. It was my first 70.3 and we were blessed to have great weather, a wonderful venue, and a town that came out to support us. Not sure if we’ll be able to make the trip from VA to ME again next year, but I’ll definitely be racing REV3 Maine Triathlon again in the future!
The venue was excellent. The swim was well marked and accurate. The bike course was great with the exception of a few sections where the road quality was poor. The run was very nice. It was an excellent atmosphere and the post race amenities were nice. The only issue was the transition 1 area being to long and poorly laid out. Otherwise, it was the best 1/2 Ironman I have done and will look forward to next year’s event.
Love the location!!! Beach and wave starts were perfect. loved the finish line and the cold towel :)
The 1/2 rev bike course was unbelievable. The swim was unbelievable. I was damaged goods so I couldn’t run therefore I can’t comment but I really wanted to do it! I cried when I got home because I couldn’t do the full 1/2 ironman yet at least you offered the aqua/bike which gave me the chance to taste part of what a 1/2 could be and I did great timing on your course so I’m very happy! thanks
This race was recommended to me by the Trifury president so I signed up. I was at sticker shock when I signed up but when I showed up on Saturday I was very pleased at everything that was going on and did not mind spending the money for the expirence I received. I am very please and will look to do another REV3 Maine Triathlon tri next year. This is my first year of doing tris and have gotten me off of my Blood Presure pill . My insperation to do Tris came from watching Jon Blais (Blazman)finish Kona, who has made me healther and I am alive again. “Live more than your neighbor” Jon Blais. You may be gone but may your Spirit live for ever.
Great race and location.I will be back next year.
REV3 Maine Triathlon was a refreshing change from the IM brand. It just seemed to have a good vibe the whole weekend. The course was perfect. I’ve been telling everyone about it and getting stoked to try a few other Revs next year. Come to NJ, there’s a great tri-community in the Ocean/Monmouth county area.
Excellent support from volunteers and staff. Great setup and very profession atmosphere but family friendly. Overall, very positive experience from my first REV3 Maine Triathlon triathlon .
Over all everything was wonderful!!! This was a great experience that I will plan to continue. The Maine volunteers were awesome in there attitude and support, the whole community was extremely supportive and we felt truly welcomed.
This was the most organized triathlon I have ever been in. the staff was wonderful and very helpful. One of my teammates had to I wish the race results could be sorted in different ways but that is a minor complaint. Loved the swag…loved the course…and of course you ordered up some beautiful weather and warm ocean water! THANKS!
Run from beach to transition was helpful to loosen body for bike leg.
Great race, great venue, great staff and volunteers – loved all the support and cheering at the finish line – you treat every finisher like a superstar. I am looking forward to participating in more REV3 Maine Triathlon races in the future!
Volunteers were great! Amazingly friendly and helpful. Keep’em all!!
If you hold another event in Old Orchard Beach next year, you can count me in! I’m also looking at doing another Rev 3 race next year. This was my first triathlon (have done marathon, 1/2 marathon, and long distance bike rides), but I enjoyed the triathlon more than anything else I’ve done. I will definitely be back for more!
The venue was great, and I loved the volunteers/staff- so friendly. The swag was awesome. The prizes were great. It’s a really fun race. I loved the early start time.
race course beautiful
The race day went off wiht out a hitch. It was well organized and well marked. All my pre race worries were for nothing
better food post race
Bike course was gorgeous… I disliked the switch to gravel road on the run…. swim had a strong current, but that can’t be helped.
The race was incredibly well organized. The volunteers were fantastic.
For an inaugural race, you did an awesome job. Much better than the M dot.
Volunteers did a great job! Well organized, I wouldn’t change much.
Really great race! The course was excellent, one of the most beautiful bike courses ! and you gotta love the shade! Easy to access and easy to bring the family along too. Overall a Great Race! Thanks REV3 Maine Triathlon!
the trail run was amazing (the shady parts especially), but the random strangers weaving through us on their bikes was annoying. could we close the trail to non -triathletes for a few hours? The bike course was wonderfully smooth for 95% of it.
The race was great…just keep trying to give a good race experience and make the miney you need to make but don’t become like 70.3 and only think about making as much money as possible in the short term. I run a small business and that is the philosophy i try and follow. Thanks
Race was great…… bike course was fun and challenging. Same for the run course . Volunteers at the finish were great. Beautiful area for the race too! The swim course was really nice too. Basically keep everything the same for the course. No need to change anything
Every single Rev 3 worker/volunteer I came across before, during, and after the race was very nice and supportive. They also did an awesome job of cheering everyone along with words of encouragement. I did my best to thank everyone I could. Saco police department did an awesome job at directing traffic on the bike course, thanks guys! I did not purchase a ticket to the lobster bake as I am not a huge fan of seafood. I was very excited when I heard that post race food was going to be hamburgers and hot dogs, which is what I normally eat post race anyway. Well, when I came in, I was offered a turkey or ham sandwhich. That’s it. No water, fruit, cookie, pretzel, nothing. Not sure if maybe I missed stuff considering I race the half rev , but I chose to just leave and eat food elsewhere. Other than that, the race was great, and you will definately see my name at a rev 3 event again!
The older women volunteers at the swag bag pickup area were very enthusiastic and fun. It was great to see them with their positive energy. The swim was fantastic . The ocean water was beautiful and the sunrise in the morning was beautiful as well. Nice way to start a race
Everything else was great,this was my first half so I have nothing to compare this race to.Well run,the staff was great,wonderful volunteers on the course!!
volunteers were great. I rented a QRoo bike from the Rev 3 rental program. Alez Poon did a fantastic job getting me set up right, went the extra mile to ensure i felt comfortable with everythign (electronic shifters, water bottle cages, etc ). It made it easy to travel from Atlanta, GA and not have to deal with transporting my own bike.
Good organization.
I can’t say enough about your staff, the volunteers, and the police. 110% of the day was focused on US, and that made the day just amazing. I will continue to support you guys!!!! I hope you guys continue to expand to other venues…
Loved the medals!
In my opinion everything was great. It’s a great atmosphere and and just a great venue for a triathlon. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Overall, a great experience. Staff was awesome. Well organized from start to finish . Will and crew do a great job. Long run to T1 but otherwise it was great. Aid stations were great – plenty of supply. As a local, I am proud of the job you did highlighting the beauty we enjoy in southern Maine. I hope you will be back next year!!
Technology was positive (post race results on a flat screen TV instead of paper results)
Your race support and volunteers were the best I’ve ever seen – bar none. Just fantastic support. I thought you had excellent swag. Loved the pre-race prayer. It’s not very often that races do that, and I found it fantastic. GOod vibes all around.
This is my 3rd REV3 Maine Triathlon event. My husband has raced in 1 REV3 Maine Triathlon event to date. Always extremely professional,very friendly and helpful staff, well marked courses, great venue and prizes and the best finisher medals around! Ashley, we were wondering why Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 photos did not make the REV3 Maine Triathlon Maine website? :)
The timing information was the best I have seen so far,
Besides the above, the race itself was great. Well-organized, not a lot but enough volunteers, well-marked, etc.
Over all great Venue. Rev 3 knows how to host a Tri! Personal preference, I enjoy loop courses rather than out and backs…
Keep everything. I loved it!
Aid stations, volunteers, and course made this awesome.
The overall course was exceptional. The run was the greatest. Off a road. Yes……..
Course was great. Volunteers were great.
Truly one of the best races I have competed in. The course was well marked, plenty of volunteers, friendly / encouraging volunteers, plentiful aid stations, professional feel and well run. I participated in one other 70.3 race (ironman 70.3 Providence ) and if I had to choose between Rev 3 and Ironman – it would be REV3 Maine Triathlon without a doubt. Looking forward to seeing you back in Maine next year.
I thought the volunteers all over the course, especially the swim, were very helpful and friendly.
REV3 Maine Triathlon Maine race was my first olympic distance triathlon.I will be back next year .
Awesome event, please keep it just the way it is!
THe Swag bag !! All those stations on the run course THANK YOU !
Cool medals. Love the ice towels at the end. Ice on the run course rocks. Thanks for a fun race!
You know, everything else was terrific, including the weather and ocean conditions – except for the food issues, cannot wait to do it again. Your volunteers were the best. Everyone representing REV 3 was friendly, helpful, fun. Can’t wait to do it again next year!
Awards were great. Announcer fantastic. LOved the course. Very professionally put together event.
The event was exceptional! OA was very attentive and professional with me at the finish with cramping. Registration / Timing / organization … all were top notch .
Loved the ice and cold water at the stops and cold towel at the end. Loved the music and energenic volunteers. Great food and support at the stops.
Everything was great. As great as everything was – the post race food situation was just as bad. It did not live up to the REV3 Maine Triathlon brand.
This was my first “high end ” race and you guys exceeded all my expectations! Everything was first class. The wonderfully shaded run really stands out as one of my most favorite things. I have been very lucky the past couple of years in that my daughter has taken up this sport and she races with the University Of Massachusetts Tri club. We get to train a lot together and I try and race in her college races to see her and have fun. So my request is that you try and get the college kids to add this race to there race schedule. I think that the pros and the college kids will make for a really fun dynamic, not to mention I want to do this race again , but want my daughter to do it as well.
Excellent venue! – very family friendly – great, enthusiastic volunteers and race directors – great transportation from offsite parking to expo – spacious transition – great long sleeved T & goggles! – very easy to find reasonably priced accommodation closeby
The overall atmosphere of the race was awesome. The REV3 Maine Triathlon team, volunteers, and support teams were some of the best i’ve experienced. Beautiful venue, excellent place for a race. Thank you for making a great race that was based on fun! This definitely felt like a real triathlon- a perfect mix of grassroots and professionalism . Thank you for not over commercializing REV3 Maine Triathlon, you all definitely do it right! REV3 Maine Triathlon is without a doubt my top choice for 70.3 and olympic races going forward.
Venue and setup were awesome. Volunteers and courses were great. Come back to Maine next year!
The Lobster Bake!! It was by far the best post-race food I have ever had! TWO LOBSTERS ! Keep up the great work REV3 Maine Triathlon.
Great place for the family and for single athletes. Quiet when wanted to focus yet fun and exciting when needed as well
Staff and volunteers were great – friendly and helpful all around, positive and enthusiastic attitudes; the trolleys and the trolley drivers – phenomenal.
Awesome setup for expo. Great energy from REV3 Maine Triathlon staff and volunteers. Gorgeous venue . Cool swag.
The course was great!! The volunteers were great and the day was unbelievable!!The woman in charge of problems at packet pick-up was the BEST!!!
Overall the best 70.3 race I have done (have done 5). The course and venue was amazing as was the local support and volunteers. I highly recommend this race. I own a coaching company and next year we have identified this as one of our team races. Great job!! On the negative side: Post race food was awful, unless you purchased the lobster (which was awsome!) Timing – happy with the individual timing but it appears that there is a lack of sorting results so that we can compare how we did against others in our AG. Would like to see some better functionality there . Pictures – the free finisher photo is a great touch and I love it. However, the individual photos from the course were terrible. There were very few photos (even in the lost and found). I didn’t have ONE on the run, only one on the bike and 2 from the swim. This was the same issue from Cedar Point last year and really needs to be improved to provide a superb, overall athlete experience.
Great overall race, was very impressed.
LOVED the lobster bake. Loved. It. Loved the aquabike format. Superb.
Weather was great. Volunteers were nice. Post race massage very good.
Overall, a solid event. I want to race with REV3 Maine Triathlon again because I like the events you all put on and overall like how you produced REV3 Maine Triathlon Maine, but I won’t until I hear that race support on the bike course is improved. It is too much to risk my training and the significant investment in racing to think an unfortunate tire shredding or other quickly fixable issue will tank my event. Overall, really enjoyed the course layout, the ocean swim, etc. Hope to learn of improvements, as I am interested in the South Carolina race and Quassi for next year.
good announcers and music, very friendly volunteers and police officers, nice location . I liked the visor other than the lobster on it…
Great venue. Great organization (except those items mentioned above). I’ll be there next year.
well organized, great transition area, the swim and run courses were great. the single lanel bridge on the bike is a little dicey.
I will definitely be back next year – I loved the swim-course – just very straightforward ; the bike course was great too – just enough hills to make it interesting. And definitely the cold wet towel at the finish line – sometimes the simple things make all the difference.
The location and layout was excellant.
I was highly impressed with the organiztion, from the expo and the registration process to the race itself. Not being from the area there was some anxiety about not knowing the course, the signage made it so easy to follow on both the bike and the run, it alleviated that. The volunteers were helpful, especially in transition . The swag bags were great. I would not hesitate to recommend a Rev 3 race to anyone , and I have already! I am looking forward to Rev 3 Maine next year! :) Hopefully the ocean will be as calm as it was on race day this year!
The staff was great! Very responsive and helpful. Registration was smooth and easy . Aside from the ocean current, the course was very forgiving. Transition closer to the swim exit would be better but I’m not sure you can achieve that at OOB. Aside from the post race food my experience was very favorable.
Location! Weather.
Expo good. Nice gear. Everything was there. Expo , transition etc. Good location . The only would be may have bigger selection of food for after. Lobster nice touch as it’s a local thing . Have more massage therapist instead of art for after. . The gang that I went with we had an absolute blast. Enjoyed the event . Have recommend the event to others for next year.
The STAFF! SO this was my frist triathlon and I thought everyone was so pleasant . The bike trail was so beautiful and so clearly marked. I also loved hearing the pro’s speak of the race and experience before hand. Finally, the location was so much fun. I stayed with girlfriends and really enjoyed the places to eat and the people at OOB. WE plan on making this a tradition and adding more to our group. Keep up the awesome work! You have all inspired me!
I will definitely do this again next year. I love the whole course. The Start was enthusiastic and got me pumped. Support at aid stations was FANTASTIC!! Course was very well marked. Officers had total control of all the traffic. Overall very well done!!
I loved the Lobster Theme & Lobster Bake after. The Aid stations were great, it was so nice to have cups of ice on a hot day!! It would have been nice to have a little more support on the Olympic Bike course. Perhaps an aid station at the turn around??
Transition area was very nicely done, one of the best I have seen. Expo was pretty nice as well. Swim, Bike and Race courses were nice as well. Swim course could have been better if it was clock wise with sun behind the swimmers. Athletes guide was very well done as well, great job.
Good course overall. I am used to hills in CT and the fairly flat course was a welcome change and a PR also. As mentioned above a beach finish would be perfect plus family could lay on the beach waiting. I would even consider a full distance there. I am not a big trail run guy so the trail seemed a little long but not too bad Good job overall
The run course on the Eastern Trail was spectacular.
Bike course was good – most road were in great shape & I want to thank the towns (or whoever organized that), since they were markedly improved from rides earlier this summer. Awesome volunteers & staff, especially with safety personnel on the swim & bike support on the ride. I thought you did a great job with traffic control on the bike course, too. Very helpful having pre-race bike support in transition area. Thank you for letting our families finish with us & for the free finisher photo, very special. LOVE the finisher medal doubling as a bottle opener. I usually throw mine in a box & never look at them again, but this one I use all the time ! Also liked the design of the finisher shirt a lot, would be great if you could do a tech one instead of cotton next year. Appreciated swim opp. on Saturday – that was really, really helpful. Had a really, really fun race – did an awesome job organizing it.
This was my first Half IronMan, I had only ever run sprint tri’s…Was excited when I found out the race was coming to OOB since I live 2 towns over…Thought the entire venue, staff, and volunteers were awesome…I was wicked happy I chose this race as my first Half IronMan…can’t wait to do another one and best my time!!
I love the whole atmosphere of the REV3 Maine Triathlon races. Being able to finish with my daughter was great. The people in the med tent were excellent also. Especially Scott Marr .
Every volunteer I interacted with was fantastic! They were helpful and friendly, and cheered me on, which I needed! I was nervous about leaving my bike in transition overnight, but security around the bikes (checking in and out, security monitors ) was great! The courses were fun and scenic. I also loved getting my finisher medal and having my picture show up on the big screen! I didn’t actually see it, but the spectators in the finish area were cheering me by name, which felt great!!
– love the ocean swim – great finisher medals – love the bike course, except for the rough pavement – great venue, great experience for a first REV3 Maine Triathlon race – any plans to come to Canada? Lots of Canadians were racing in Maine!
Fantastic race – really great volunteers – best aid stations I’ve seen. My first Olympic – I struggled but will certainly be back.
bike rack system – AWESOME


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