Love this venue, love this race, and love the lobsta!!!!!!
The aid station volunteers at this event really are top notch! They were great at packet pick up as well!
loved the race & venue.
So many…! -Lobster finisher food (I shared with a friend and it was awesome ). -Glow run was a nice touch for families -The bike course was so much fun! Just strenuous enough and loved the rolling downs -Finisher tee was great! Love that it was long sleeve and red, a nice change -Location, location, location! I loved the venue for all the things you can do and it felt like a vacation vs just a race. -Host hotel being so close to transition
The venue is great! The area is super supportive of the race!
The post race food this year was far better than last year’s sandwiches! Thank-you !
great venue. awesome volunteers. great race atmosphere and I liked the course. Would definitely return next year if it works with the race schedule… may even have to plan around it/make it work.
Good aid stations, bike course change was GREAT so we didn’t have to go on that tiny bridge this year.
It was my first half, everything was great! Last year finisher shirt was awful :-) this year he was really cool…. overall a great experience and i will be there next years…
Bike course eliminated the really rough parts from last year – great move. Keep it the same! Mobile app tracking was great for at home friends and family.
Had a great time.
Thank you for making the Sunday a.m. pre race transition times more favorable for the Oly racers. Given the cost of the race and commitment to training for the distance, please add more swag to our bags. I really enjoyed the goggles we got year 1 and still wear mine regularly including in the swim this year. Please consider small marker buoys on the swim between the larger yellow ones. As large as the yellow buoys were, they were hard to see and sight on from water level. The bike course was well marked and traffic was well controlled. I liked having my name on my run # bib and my transition spot. The run was also well marked and traffic was well controlled. I liked the water stops. Volunteers were enthusiastic. As a ‘back of the pack’ finisher it means a lot to be recognized and acknowledged . I enjoyed being acknowledged as I crossed the finish line. Is there a way that finishers can still be acknowledged while the awards ceremony is going on? I was lucky to finish before the Oly pro and a/g awards were presented, but for those finishers who came in while the announcer was presenting, there was no acknowledgement of them crossing the finish line. The post race food was better this year. I’ll back for #3 next year.
Best thing to happen to Old Orchard Beach…EVER. post race tacos were amazing
the setup of the transition area is great. it’s very organized and fair.
The staff and volunteers are exceptional and very helpful. The post race food is delicious and well-planned. The aid stations and the selection of drinks/gels, etc were top notch. Thank you for making yet another year a wonderful race experience !
great volunteers
The marking of the courses are great and the amount of aid stations through out the course is great. Everyone is more than help full and happy to help. If they dont have the answers they help you find the answers instead of just saying I dont know. That goes a long way. I am not a pro but I get pro treatment.
The volunteers were exceptional!!! Staff is friendly and very helpful. Race announcer was awesome.
REV3 Maine Triathlon is awesome and the best run triathlons I have participated in. Everything always goes smoothly and is a well organized. Post race food this year was much better than last year. Finish line is always a good time, and glad that everything is pet friendly. Also, the course is very spectator friendly. My mom and I both participate (she finishes 2 hours after me), and my wife, dad, and in laws are able to see us both on all 3 legs of the course Really makes it a better experience for them. Looking forward to a few more REV3 Maine Triathlon courses next year – think I will give the Poconos a try since I’m from New Jersey!
most other aspects of the race were perfect. no issues with logistics and the race itself. volunteers were great and both them and the crowd were very encouraging . race info well communicated in the athlete guide. Thanks for a great race.
Overall, a great race and a great organization. This is the premier race in Maine tri season.
You guys are absolutely awesome! I had the pleasure of convincing one of my teammates to race Rev 3, and while telling him every fantastic experience I’ve had with Rev 3, I also stated, “Ironman better watch out.” I’ve had a pretty rough year, and everybody on Rev 3’s team did whatever they could to help me out and answer my questions. I also appreciate that every time I contact a Rev 3 member, I get a reply within 30 mins. Rumor has it you guys are coming to MY home state next year to host a race in the Pocono’s. I can’t wait!!!! Thank you for everything!! Maybe one day I’ll get to race in some Revolution 3 gear of my own!!!!
Great race, great people. Swim goggles were everyones favorite and great advertising for Rev 3. Everyone knew you did a REV3 Maine Triathlon event with wearing the orange blue-seventies . This helped promote your event. Big disappointment when not included, I did Quassy and Maine.
Very family orientated – love the family finish – that is the best part of the race . I have raced IM Corp races and feel as though it is to Corporate – REV3 Maine Triathlon gets the fact that it is about the age group athletes. Love REV3 Maine Triathlon and will race again
Your staff an volunteers rocked, as usual, I love REV3 Maine Triathlon!
Thank you for the post race meal, that was much better than the first year ! I was a bit disappointed with the swag bag. Last year was great with googles… I got some one my 3th place anyways !! The red Shirt is awesome and so is the Gatorade towel and cap. The bike course seems more secure than last year and policemen were great !
Well run/organized event. I stayed with family in the area. Keep the event in Maine , I will compete again. Liked the kids zone.
it was a nicely run race!!
1. Practice swim on Saturday was helpful. 2. Good prizes for age group winners. 3. Nice volunteers.
Great volunteers. Food was much better this year.
Volunteers and Staff were amazing!! Such high energy and encouraging to all! It ‘s always a blast racing with REV3 Maine Triathlon
Great race absolutely loved it! I will be back next year for sure!
Wonderful volunteers at all the aid stations!!
Course is fast, flat & fun. I have family in maine and vacation in maine so it was a great venue for me (other than the parking). REV3 Maine Triathlon always does a great race , i also did Quassy, which was also fun but a lot more hilly & painful.
Love Rev 3 events, volunteers and staff were all very supportive and positive, loved the energy and support on the course!
Traffic control and course markings were excellent.
all 3 race courses should stay the same
Expo and transition were good! Swim course was amazing. Yeah it was tough, but wow what a place to race! The bike course was really pretty though please warn people its rolling the whole way. Waves was an amazing hotel and a great choice as the host hotel. The volunteers were beyond amazing!
I LOVE this race site! It’s fun, the ocean is so pretty in the morning, and I know OOB is really excited to have the race there. I think the volunteers/organization /aid stops were perfect. I had a great time–. It’s a fantastic race. Thank you.
The great food after was amazing. Your information station was very helpful and knowledgeable. Announcing was easy to hear…the speaker system was of good quality . Nice finish line atmosphere.
Just keep the general quality of the event, it was cool and easy (not the race, the event !)
Great organization and atmosphere.
Best post race food ever! The expo tent had some limited products for sale, could use some more variety. Didn’t see a massage therapist before/after but loved the use of Normatec boots! Volunteers and staff were awesome!
Excellent mood of the volunteers. The organisation was very nice (taking our bags , registration on the site, athletes meeting, prices for the winners). It was my first participation to a REV3 Maine Triathlon and it’s not gonna be the last!
Bike course and run course were awesome! Don’t change a thing! Also, this was by far the best group of voulenteers I’ve seen at any race. They were so nice, encouraging and outgoing.
Organization and volunteers are great
More goodies :)
This is the 3rd Rev (2nd Maine) that my boyfriend and I have done and we are hooked . It is the most professional race that either of us have ever done and every person that we came into contact with was kind, generous and helpful. We also have young kids and it is great to do races that accomodate them and provide so many activities . We are super thankful for that and cannot wait for our little guys to say that they completed their first Rev when they are ready!
5 isn’t nearly high enough of a score for the volunteers and race staff. They were amazing and really made the difference between a long hard day and an awesome experience that has me wanting to come back every year. I can’t comment on the post race food since I didn’t get to the finish line in time to get any. I did have some trouble with my timing chip not reading but the staff onsite was great when they helped my girlfriend get my splits.
It was my first 70.3 and was a great experience, I didn’t finish last but was close , I will be there next year. You guys put on a great race.
Great event. Thanks for all your effort. Couldn’t make the glow run, but would like to see that next year.
The physical set up of transition / HQ is pretty perfect. Enthusiasm of spectators , volunteers etc…was great. The courses were really nice. Announcers were awesome .
The entire race experience was phenomenal and one I will never forget. It was my first half ironman and it certainly won’t be my last! I really liked that our names were printed on our bibs so people could cheer us on. It was re-energizing hearing your name being called out during the race. Thank you for such a great experience overall and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
Volunteers were awesome ! Great venue , very organized .
If you guys can put races like that every time that would be super great.
I highly appreciated the help of the whole staff, volunteers and policemen along the race and their fabulous good mood ! Also appreciated the free picture
Best traffic control on the bike course that I have ever raced on!
Overall a fantastic experience. The volunteers were amazing!
All good. Don’t change a thing.
Lobster Bake was great (make more clear in the sign up process that all people – include the athlete – need to purchase the extra ticket).
Swim bike run was very good! I liked the option of having shoes or not out of the water. Police presence was very good and well patrolled keeping cars out.
Overall it’s a race, some things will not change and not everyone will be happy. It’s a long walk to the swim so it would be nice to see REV3 Maine Triathlon post how far that walk is to prepare folks. The swim & bike were great, I would come back if the run was changed but if the same run course I’ll pass.
This being my first triathlon ever I was very nervous about getting in other veteran racer’s ways and disrupting someone elses race, also seeing as I was one of the youngest ones there as well. However that wasnt the case at all everyone; volunteers , other racers, and REV3 Maine Triathlon staff were so supportive. It became an experience of a lifetime and has gotten me hooked on triathlons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as this was more than a race to me, as I ran to keep my late fathers memory alive. I can’t wait to be part of the Age Series next year.
I really enjoy the REV3 Maine Triathlon event in OOB. The staff was great, the support was great , the volunteers were great and the course was excellent. I would highly recommend the race to my closet friends. I hope it comes back to OOB next summer. If so I am sure I will be there.
I loved the race overall, from the swag, to the volunteers, to the geneeral atmosphere of the race. I think the course was very well marked and the aid stations were right on. The volunteers were so friendly and motivational. Thank you for a great race!
Great race! This was my first REV3 Maine Triathlon. I was really impressed with the quality and general vibe of the event. One of the most well organized races I’ve participated in. I wish my kids had come because it seems very family friendly as well. Also , gave me an excuse to come to Maine.
The volunteers were fantastic.
The staff and volunteers were just incredible. Race day can be so overwhelming and I was so relaxed thanks to everyone. The course was great and most of all extremely safe. I cannot wait to do another REV3 Maine Triathlon event.
Great race!
Everything was amazing. Numerous aid stations, super course, great volunteers, woohoo !!
The aid stations were really great. I did the half and there were plenty of them , they were always well stocked, and the volunteers were organized and very nice . All of the logistics for the race were also very well organized – packet pick up was very easy, transition area was great. The course was very well marked. All of those factors made for a GREAT race and would make me do a REV3 Maine Triathlon tri again.
Great staffing on the bike course.
Overall, great race. Really excellent support and beautiful location. Definitely looking forward to racing again with REV3 Maine Triathlon soon.
The food selection at the run aid stations was great. The enthusiasm of the volunteers was infectious. Transition area not on grass is great. There were a lot of good points for spectators to see their racers with the way it was set up. The color coding for bike and run are a wonderful idea. I loved that all male swim waves were ahead of the women.
The race was very well organized and the bike course was well patrolled which made the portion through the town easy to navigate.
All the staff and volunteers were awesome. The transition area looked like for pros.
Great change to the half-rev bike course this year !
I had a blast. Made me feel like a pro!
Swim course was a dream come true. Keep it exactly as it is!
the staff is very friendly and outgoing. the glow run and movie were great. The music was great. atmosphere was great. love that I can finish with the family . appreciated the towel at the finish. I honestly don’t know how you guys make a race so much fun. The distance is the same but the atmosphere is fantastic
The aid stations with the ice cold beverages were great.
I LOVE how the volunteers all knew everything that was going on. It was very helpful for my mother whom had never seen me in a race. The support on the course was phenominal !
Beautiful course!! Great town. Great volunteers!!
Again, my favorite race in a while. course was incredible, staff was even better . Transition area was huge for athletes. I am so happy with the race. Bike course was fast and fun. I have already singed up/put on my calendar 3 REV3 Maine Triathlon races for 2014. Keep up the great work.
Love that you can run across the finish line with your kids. Great volunteers. Lil Rev adventure race was cool.
The option to run to the finish with your family :)
Bike course. Amazing security, and volunteers.
Loved the bike route, run route, aid stations. Loved the glow run, great location .
This was just an awesome experience all around. AND THERE IS SO MUCH SWAG YOU GET FOR PLACING!!! That was completely unexpected!
Great experience and great staff
The fans and volunteers were amazing and so supportive and friendly!!!!
Great venue and expo, encouraging volunteers, this definitely won’t be my last REV3 Maine Triathlon
The guide sheet for the registration. The cold and wet towels at the end.
Love the cold towels at the end. Very nice touch. Was so pleased to find “cold ” water and gatoraid at all the water stations on the run. Nice touch as well. Very well done venue.
very highly organized, race day was a great experience, volunteers were amazing!!
The REV3 Maine Triathlon staff were amazing. They seemed to be everywhere and willing to take a second to answer a quick question. I watched 3 staff members assist the final triathlete across the final intersection (much after the cut off time) and they were just wonderful. Great staff is a true testament of an amazing organization .
Loved the course especially to dirt trail on the run. Loved the Gatorade cold wet towels at finish line
KEEP REV3 Maine Triathlon MAINE!
Loved my first half ironman and will definitely do REV3 Maine TriathlonOOB again in the future! Loved everything from checking the bikes the night before to the tattoos to the course(s) to all of the friendly volunteers and police officers on the course. Race morning was so much less of a hassle knowing my bike was there and not having to get body marked and get my chip. Also, loved the new bike route, great improvement . Also, I have never racked my bike in a tri like the system you have. It was great. No fighting for space!
I’m new to triathlons and this was my third overall, first 70.3 distance. I was the last person to exit the water and a wonderful man named Joe Strange swam next to me for the final 1/3 mile. He then rode with me until mile 28 when I passed my first person. His company, encouragement and racing tips were excellent and one of the highlights of the race for me. As the person who got to have someone stay with me for that portion, it was a blessing and I only got faster from that point on. Don’t ever stop offering a last place buddy.
I’m bias because I live in OOB and I’ve only Raced REV3 Maine Triathlon Olympic 2012 and REV3 Maine Triathlon Half 2013. I love the chance to Tri in OOB with REV3 Maine Triathlon. For me the experience is great and I’ve invited other Tri-athlete friends from away to stay at my house this year and will again next year. I need to win a free entry so I can go to another REV3 Maine Triathlon event prior to Maine. I will be turning 50, so I’m going to have a full calendar of races and experiences. I might be looking for a Full Tri at a reasonable cost and good venue.
Volunteers were amazing!!! Best ever
Great course (esp. bike), support and volunteers. I would recommend this race to anyone wanting a positive tri experience.
ambiance ! big screen at the end of the race with the picture of the finisher !!
This was a really fun, well organized event. I had a blast, as did my non-racing friend who came to support me. The lobster was a nice add-on!!! Alex was great with the bike and wheel rental – both in making the arrangements well before the race and for fitting and getting everything set up on Friday. THANK YOU ALEX!
The volunteers were fabulous!!!!!
People were cool and awards were cool. Music was good and emcee was good. Gatorade towel at finish line was a nice touch.
The lobster bake was awesome!
Excellent support from the police community. That always makes a Tri go smoother . Can’t thank those men and women enough. During the briefings, why not use the big screen to show video of key intersections or danger spots on the course, overhead maps, googleearth fly-throughs, etc.
While not always well informed, the Rev 3 staff is very friendly. Encouraging family /friends to join athletes in the finish shoot is great fun. Free finisher photos are excellent! Projecting athlete photos on the big screen is great (but only if it works…not working is worse than not having it). The Finish Shoot is really well done and makes for a great photo op and end to the event. Volunteers were great. Aid stations were great. Course marking was excellent. Best/most scenic run course ever! Overall good experience and I will race with Rev 3 again. Thank you.
This was my second REV3 Maine Triathlon it was a much better venue than the quassey park CT. But the Quassy park had more hills so it was tougher. Your team did a great job. Keep up the good work
The kids really enjoyed the Glow in the dark run and the little Rev experience. Good work
I really liked the quality of the aid stations.
Your volunteers were amazing, every one of them was as nice as could be.
The bike course was awesome, it was so beautiful. The finish line was spectacular as well.
Athlete Food an improvement from last year. Great partnership with SheJams and local charity support.
You all put on great races – thanks for all the energy and enthusiasm!! It was very safe, too! All the turns were marked and volunteers were wonderful with directions . THANKS!!
nice size race I liked running on the trail
Very happy to see the bike mechanics since I needed a new tube the day before the race! Very happy to see the many water/aid stations on the run b/c that is my worst part of the event and that uphill killed me and I found myself needing more water than usual :) This was my first REV3 Maine Triathlon event and I’m raving to all of my friends about it. Super organized, great volunteers, awesome swag! (I love visors and a lobster tee? way cool!), great food at the end and the jumbotron was fun! In my 9 year span of doing races of all types this was the best overall, so THANK YOU!
i wish i were only 75 years old and could race old orchard beach again and turn in an under 4 hrs, but i will count my blessings and will wish you all a safe and happy another rev 3 race season, and i know it will be a great 2014 because you all have that amazing revved up attitude that you all will make it happen and be a safe good race for everyone.
Congrats!!! Rev 3 Maine is a great event and the spirit of the brand is awesome!
course was great, aid stations in the right places and with the correct hydration and food.
I thought the volunteers were all wonderful and the wheel rentals and bike tune ups were not only reasonably priced but friendly and helpful. The finishers medal and participants visors were very well done. The courses overall were very well marked and very well supported in my mind. I time and help manage over 90 events a year through various companies and was happy with this experience as a whole and hope to add Rev 3 Quassy to my race list for next year!
The volunteers were AWESOME! I thought the course was excellent!! The registration was excellent and the staff was extremely friendly.
As always, great aid stations. Great volunteers. Run course perhaps not start on such a direct uphill for so long. Bike course was gorgeous, loved it. Swim was cold but the course was great.
Staff/volunteer were awesome Medal for leaders were INCREDIBLE – best medal I’ve ever gotten. So proud. Prizes for leaders also pretty great.
I loved the rationalization with the race numbers, transition area, etc. It added a special touch, and it was encouraging to hear spectators yell out your name. I really liked the set up at the transition area as well. I was a little concerned about getting injured running barefoot on the long swim to bike transition but you did a good job at keeping the streets clean in that area. Although I chose to run barefoot, I liked that you offered an option for people to have their sneakers on the beach to have them accessible in case they chose to use them for the transition run.
The swim warm up was so great, also allowing us in the water just befor our turn . It was cold but great once used to it. The run from the swim was ok, just had to get my mind around it, didn’t use shoes & was fine. We will be returning as a group next year. Liked the 1/2 going on at the same time, nice to be around everyone. The fast riders in the 1/2 need to know to to be respectful when they join up with Olympic group & not ride over us. One group, all drafting with their disc wheels just about ran me over, another was so polite, called out, on my left & allowed me to get around a turn &’even thanked me as he passed
The volunteers and staff were excellent! The whole race was in a great location. The bike and run course were very nicely shaded. I really enjoyed the whole race and am already planning for next year!
Great experience but with regards to post race food maybe include some power bars and/or gels for those of us that don’t use them during the race but use them after . Also, my wife and I appreciated the prayer service before the race since we were missing mass! Never experienced that at a race before. WELL DONE!
The run and bike course were fabulous! They were partly shaded so I did not get a sunburn. I burn very easily and part of my post race recovery is recovering from sunburns even when I have reapplied sunscreen in T1 and T2. I did not have a burn after this event. I would definitely return to this race and recommend it to others .
Great venue, volunteers and event. Love the transition area and the finish line !
Loved OOB area! I really liked all courses. Warmer water next year, haha.
I loved it all, I saw the end of the 2012 race I live in Saco ME and I said I want to cross that line in 2013, never did any tri before. trained in hotel treadmills and stationary bikes because I travel, then find a pool in different cities, ,never swam in my life, lots of anxiety. No sleep the night before. I will remember the ocean swim all my life, and walking out of the water to the swim finish. Thanks for it all.
Great feeling of welcome from volunteers, excellent weather! ; ), Normatec recovery pants!!!! sHe Jams, Georges Parking lot showers! The awesome street tacos!!! The lobster tail medal you get for winning. (awesome perk!) Great shirts that look good and that I will actually wear. Gatorade wet towels! Tons of loot for winning!!! Great course!
Race had a really fun vibe. Aid stations and volunteers were top notch. Loved the run course for both the beauty and your ability to keep tabs on friends and competition .
This was my first 70.3 race and I loved the entire thing. the volunteers we great , well,organized race and good pre race meeting. Easy process getting checked in , went a lot faster than I had expected.
Unparalleled pre and post race organization. Totally on your game.
Good number of aid stations on the run and well located. Wet towels at finish line were amazing!
I like the Kona style racks.
The races that Rev 3 puts on are top notch! I really enjoyed being able to complete a practice swim in the water with support, especially with the water being so cold . Both of your announcers are fantasic as the spectators learn from then while the race is in progress. The course was well marked and fair. The jumbotron as well as the finishing photos that allow spectators is a nice finishing touch to the race. Your races are my favorite and the plan is to hit all of them at least once …
I had a great time!!!
Excellent staff and volunteers. You guys are the best. Practice swim was great.
As much as I prefer bike racks than blocks in transition, I like how slots were assigned by AG and individualized. This is the 1st race I’ve participated in the I felt like an athlete and a person, not just a bin number. The staff and volunteers were amazing. The venue was spectacular and post-race activities were incredible ! Bravo! Kudos! Thanks for a memorable race experience!
Thanks for staging one of the most professional, organized and efficient racing experiences I’ve had in 15+ years of endurance racing. REV3 Maine Triathlon’s attention to both the big and small details is impressive. Will happily race with you guys again . Though, not at Old Orchard Beach (see comments above.)
Practice swim the day before. The lobster bake was great! Free finisher photo was nice.
Volunteers and staff were, GREAT! The organization and attention detail stood out . I will absolutely race REV3 Maine Triathlon again.
I enjoyed the after race food, and I think it is great to get a finisher photo!
-transition zone was imaculate -my best swim ever … felt safe. -smoth bike course. -run on gravel , loved it .
The post race free food was much better this year. How about pretzels, oranges and other light snacks? Some people are not ready for a meal at 10:00 AM Thanks
Free finish picture is awesome. Finish line is one of the best I’ve seen. Race start was very well organized. Post race videos were great. Safe & scenic bike and run courses with excellent traffic management.
Very fun race, run course was awesome! (nice and flat, the part on the eastern trail was so nice on the legs!)
My teammates and I had a fabulous time competing in the half iron relay division . Thank you so much for allowing relay teams. We will without a doubt be back again next year!!!
Love the bike racks (no poles). Jumbo tron showed half my face missing. That was more funny than an issue.
The REV3 Maine Triathlon put on a great event and I look forward to next year! Allowing family and friends to run across the finishing line with the athletes is a tremendous experience for all! Many times the family members support the athletes as they train for the events and this is a great way for them to join in and celebrate and show their pride for the accomplishments! Please continue to allow ALL to celebrate!
Very well-organized and extremely friendly and helpful volunteers and staff.
Great day overall! Very pleased with the race experience. Great mix of volunteers and staff, very friendly and happy bunch! Aid stations were excellent-well stocked and staffed- and I saw Carole out there cheering VERY LOUDLY and being very encouraging to everyone. She made me smile! Good food this year too! The tacos were excellent and there were options for all dietary needs. There was also a small snafu ( no start time so we showed up as DNS) with our waves timing chips but that was corrected VERY QUICKLY by timing. Impressive recovery on that!
Ice was great!!! Another aid station along the no tree stretch of he run
The volunteers and Rev employees were awesome and tremendously helpful. The event and transition area were both very well-run and professional, and the course was very enjoyable. I love the option for kids/family members to cross the line with the athletes too.
Loved the whole weekend activities and professionalism of the race!
Mile markers were excellent. Bike and run courses were spectacular….swim was just too darn cold.
Great race, well organized. Updated info on bike course with accurate elevation data, run was off too but only by a couple of hundred feet.
Enjoyed the whole experience – it was my 1st Olympic distance!! We stayed at our favorite campground Wagon Wheel and it was great racing in my favorite vacation spot!! The volunteers were great and the police helping us cross Rte 1 were wonderful !!
Fantastic overall experience. With the possible exception of the NYC Marathon – this may have been the most well organised, fun event in a great location that I ‘ve done. Course, administration, volunteers, aid stations, swag, transition/finish area were all great. My first REV3 Maine Triathlon event and i will seek out more.




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