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Pro Triathlete Lauren Goss Talks Rev3 Williamsburg

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9 months, 3 weeks ago
June 9, 2014 10:10 am EST
Pro Triathlete Lauren Goss Talks Rev3 Williamsburg

Williamsburg is full of historical landmarks, lush green trees, fun amusement parks, and pancake houses! I remember last year driving from the airport to the hotel and counting at least 10 pancake houses. Post race pancakes are a must, no questions asked.

As for the race itself, the course entails a mild swim on the James River. The swim is a rectangle and the current may or may not be strong come race day for some sections.  Remember, the conditions you encounter on race day, may vary from the conditions you had during the practice swim on Saturday.  So be prepared for whatever may come your way.   If the water is choppy remember to have a high stroke turnover to avoid fighting the water. The key is to act primal in the water and have quick strokes that go with the patterns of the water. The run to T1 is pretty long so I advise having a bottle of water by your bike so that you can get some fluids in before hopping on the bike.

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The bike course is rolling and not too challenging but hard enough to sting if you go out too hard. Make sure to monitor fluid and electrolyte intake to avoid any dizziness during the hot and humid run. The beginning of the bike is flat and fast and there are some hills towards the end. Make sure to save some energy for those climbs!

The run will take place during the middle of the day and more than likely it will be humid and hot. Make sure not to OVER eat and take on too many calories near the end of the bike/beginning of the run. This can cause GI distress and possibly some mental fuzziness. Enjoy the run course and make sure to thank the volunteers.  The course was re-designed / moved this year and is now perfect for those with families wanting to cheer you on!

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As for the FOOD – I would check out Food For Thought on Richmond Rd and have the Thai One on or the Nutty Chicken.
Another place to check out is The Peanut Shop in Colonial Williamsburg. I know we are all triathletes and always hungry—loads of free samples and cool gifts. Finally, you cannot leave Williamsburg without visiting a Pancake House post race! Celebrate your finish with a large stack of cakes with some homemade maple syrup. Mmm. Good luck yall!

Also, check out the Age Group re-cap video from last year!

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