REV3 Maryland’s HALF-FULL Triathlon – Triathlete Guide

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September 25, 2012 2:51 pm EST
REV3 Maryland’s HALF-FULL Triathlon – Triathlete Guide

Revolution3 and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Welcomes You to Howard County, Maryland!

Welcome triathletes, volunteers, spectators and families to the Rev3 Half Full Triathlon! We are in our third year with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults and the Half Full Triathlon and this is the first year that the Half Full is part of the Rev3 Series. We are more than excited to be working with the Ulman Cancer Fund and Half Full. You will see that the Half is not quite a 70.3 but is instead a 70.0 this is to represent the 70,000 young adults affected by cancer every year. 70,000 is the estimated number of young adults diagnosed with cancer each year. This is a statistic that needs people’s attention. The Half Full Triathlon will help make the young adult cancer issue a priority and together we can improve the 70,000 statistic. With every mile you race you’re helping support this population of young people battling cancer.

Thank you for choosing Revolution3 Half Full Triathlon.

Our goal at Rev3 is to maximize the enjoyment for everyone at the race, and this includes the spectators! So, whether you’re competing, volunteering, or spectating, we intend to make it a memorable experience. If we can do anything to help you, please let any staff member know and we will do our best to make your experience a better one. Be sure to read the enclosed Schedule of Events that includes course overviews, Expo details, fun kid’s activities, and ALL of the important race day details. On behalf of the Revolution3 Triathlon team enjoy being a part of Rev3 Half Full and thanks again for adding Revolution3 to your race calendar. Make Rev3 Half Full more than just a race. Make it an EXPERIENCE!

The Revolution3 Team &
The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

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