Rev3 Scholarship Update/Thank you

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3 years, 6 months ago
April 4, 2012 11:52 pm EST
Rev3 Scholarship Update/Thank you

Friday marked the due date for the 2012-2013 UCF Scholarships and we were overwhelmed by the number of applications we received- in total, 698! Last year we received 342- unbelievable! We are thrilled that we have this program that helps students who have faced a cancer diagnosis themselves or had a loved one with cancer- but saddened by the amount of young adults facing cancer in their lives…… The stories are heartbreaking and each applicant is deserving of a scholarship. We wish we could award one to each and every applicant!

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Evaluating all of these applications is a very long and complicated process. We feel strongly that we should give each application the time and energy they deserve. We have an amazing group of 150 volunteers who step up every year to read and evaluate the applications. Each application is read and scored a total of 5 times. The top applications are then sent on to the family or group that funds the specific scholarships where they are again read by a group of readers and a winner is chosen. We hope to be able to notify all of the winners by June 15th.

So thanks again for everyone who applied- the wonderful volunteers that came into the office to scan and help organize the applications and our amazing readers, that take time out of their busy lives to evaluate scholarships. As always, we could never do it without everyone!

Scholarship Program Coordinator
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults





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