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Test Swim an Endless Pool – Free T-shirt

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10 months, 2 weeks ago
May 15, 2014 6:32 pm EST
Test Swim an Endless Pool – Free T-shirt

EPI Standard Logo Converted 01 300x158 Test Swim an Endless Pool – Free T shirtWant to shave some time off of your swim? Endless Pool® training has helped scores of

triathletes do just that. You can take a test swim at the Rev3 Expo in Knoxville this weekend

and get a free t-shirt as a memento.


Triathletes praise Endless Pools for its smooth, powerful, 52-speed swim current and for the

optional swim mirrors that provide real-time feedback for a more efficient stroke.

You can also stop by the booth (or enter online) to win one of their Fastlane® swim-current

generators; with deck- and wall-mount options, the Fastlane turns any pool into an Endless Pool.

BlueShirt 465x600 Test Swim an Endless Pool – Free T shirt


An official Rev3 sponsor, Endless Pools has supported the sport of Triathlon for over 20

years, and their passionate reps are very excited to join us for the entire Rev3 2014 U.S. race

series. Stop by to experience firsthand why an Endless Pool is the perfect complement to

any training regimen. Hope to see you there!





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