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Use CAUTION: Portland HalfREV Bike Course

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2 years, 8 months ago
July 5, 2012 4:47 pm EST
Use CAUTION: Portland HalfREV Bike Course

Please use caution on these areas of the bike course especially on the downhills.  We have one 180 degree turn and several bridge crossings (view the course map webpage).  Watch the video below for a preview of what is to come.  We also HIGHLY recommend driving the course prior to race day.

If you have a Google Maps account, look for the link under the map for the larger version and “Save to my places”.

  • Mile 12.8 – 14  Use caution steep and fast downhill section. Up to a 10% downhill grade
  • Mile 14 – 18.5  Steep long climb up to 11% grade at times
  • Mile 20.5 – mile 22.7  – FAST downhill section with 180 degree turns.  Use extreme caution.  At the bottom is a right hand turn to cross bridge.  Athletes should be on their brakes while approaching bottom
  • Mile 22.7 – 23.3  Steep short climb with grades up to 9%
  • Mile 25 – 25.8  Fast downhill with sharp turns.  Use caution.
  • Mile 26 – 27  Steep climbs with grades up to 8%
  • Mile 29.5 – 30  Steep climbs with grades up to 10%
  • Mile 34.5 – 35.5  Fast down hill sections.  A lot of turns.  Sharp right hand turn at bottom of hill.  Use EXTREME CAUTION

rev3 triathlon portland 2012 bike elevation Use CAUTION: Portland HalfREV Bike Course

Stay safe REV3 Triathletes!





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