T1 is located at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC).

Bikes MUST be dropped at T1 on  Saturday afternoon.  T1 will be protected by a 6ft high security fence and will be monitored at all times by a police officer.




A canal swim in clean clear water. The canal is a recreational canal with no boat traffic. The water temperature should be in the 68F to 72F range. A 2,000m single loop clockwise swim with great viewing for spectators. This will be a wave start race. The Start will be in-water at the WIFC grandstands. The first wave will go off at 9:00AM and the swim course will close at 10:35AM.


The course is rectangular with the buoys kept on your RIGHT. The swim starts by heading north with the canal wall on your left and the swim buoys on your right. There are 3 right hand turns throughout the swim. Upon making the final turn, you will swim straight towards the Swim In Archway. The corners of the course will be marked by large (5.5ft) Lime Green Tetrahedrons (3-Dimensional Triangles) and there will be smaller orange markers between the turns. The course The Swim Exit is adjacent to the Swim Start.


After exiting the swim athletes will follow the fitness path into Transition 1. Your bike gear bag should be left with your bike in Transition. PLEASE NOTE: This bag will also be used to put in your wetsuit, goggles etc and our crew will transport it to the Finish. If you do not use the numbered gear bag we cannot be responsible for your wetsuit or other gear.


The bike course is flat and FAST!! The bike course is on OPEN, but quiet roads.  There will be vehicular traffic so please exercise caution and be alert. Ensure that you ride to the right-most side of the road and that you DO NOT cross the centre of the road at any time.  Please make sure that you are NOT in your aero-bars going around the corners or through any intersections.  Please ensure that your hands are ready and covering your brake levers for safety when cornering.

The course is divided into four main sections: The Out, The Loop, The Back and The Ride to Niagara Falls – a breakdown of the sections is as follows:

The Out – 0 to 21km (Leaving Welland)

Athletes will exit T1 onto the fitness path heading towards Canal Bank Rd. Here athletes will start heading South to the first major turn at 4km onto Forks Rd. From there, the course heads West towards Feeder Rd.  You can usually expect a bit of a headwind in this section. Near the 7km mark, the course turns Southwest onto Feeder Rd.

A good portion of Feeder road is tree lined on both sides, which should offer nice protection from excessive sun or wind. This section also has some freshly paved shoulders which athletes are encouraged to ride on. “The Out” section finishes when Feeder Rd. reaches Hutchinson Rd. and begins “The Loop”.

The Loop – 21km to 39km

This section begins once the course reaches Hutchinson Rd. and turns Left down to the shores of Lake Erie.  At Lakeshore Rd, the course turns Left again and follows along the shores of Lake Erie.  The 1st Bottle Exchange is on Station Rd. just north of Lakeshore Rd.

The course then leaves the shores of Lake Erie and makes its way back to Feeder Rd. using quiet secondary roads.  At 39km, the course turns Right back onto the Feeder Rd. to complete “The Loop”.

The Back – 39km to 57km

This part of the bike is the same 21km section as the start of the bike, except you are now heading “Back” towards Welland. The course retraces the same route “Back” towards Welland on Feeder Rd. and crosses-over the Welland Recreational Waterway on Forks Rd at 55km.  After turning left on Canal Bank Rd. you will travel north to Townline Tunnel and turn Right (East). Shortly after having made the turn and prior to entering the tunnel you will reach the 2nd Bottle Exchange.

The Ride to Niagara Falls – 57km to Finish

The course now takes you under the Welland Canal via Townline Tunnel Rd.  As you enter the tunnel you will see the start of a coned lane. While you are riding through the tunnel, under the canal, you will be required to stay in the coned lane.

Once clear of the tunnel, you will continue east on Townline Tunnel Rd. until the 65km point at Morris Rd. You will turn left onto Morris Rd. followed by a quick right onto Ridge Rd.  Just after the 69k mark you will make  a left onto Montrose Rd and then again a quick right onto Keabel Rd followed by another quick left onto Willodel Rd working your way up to a right turn onto Schisler Rd.  You then turn left (North) on Beck Rd. at the 74km point.

Beck Rd. takes you over the QEW before turning Right (East) on Marshall Rd.  The course follows Marshall Rd through a few bends to its end at the Niagara Parkway at 81km.  The course then turns Left (North) on the Parkway and, for the final 7km, travels alongside the Niagara River.  The course reaches the south end of the Niagara Falls where it bends left in Chippewa.  The course then turns Right (North) and, using a dedicated coned lane, crosses over a bridge before turning Right onto the Niagara Parkway for the final stretch to the Bike Finish in Kingsbridge Park and T2.


There will be a Bottle exchange at approx. 32km and 60km into the course, offering water in sport-top water bottles as well as F2C GLYCO-DURANCE™ in cycling water bottles – CLICK HERE for more information on F2C GLYCO-DURANCE™.

Other Notes: There will be limited bike support on course patrol. All athletes should carry a spare inner tube and know how to change a flat.




T2 is located in the parking lot of Kingsbridge Park on the shores the Niagara River at Chippewa Creek.  T2 is on smooth pavement and will have a bank of portable toilets just outside for use both leaving T2 as well as finishing the 1st Loop of the Run Course.

T2 will be protected by a 6ft high security fence and will be monitored at all times.  You will be able to remove your bike from T2 once the Bike Course is officially closed at 2:20PM.


The Run Course is comprised of two loops through the City of Niagara Falls and two out-and-back sections which start and finish in Kingsbridge Park.  The course takes the runners past Marineland, the Niagara Fallsview Casino and Table Rock Park before passing Niagara Falls itself! You will actually pass the Canadian and American Falls twice during the run.


Aid Stations will be serving F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™, water, ice, Flat Cola, Assorted Gels, Assorted Fruit & Pretzels. – CLICK HERE for more information on F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™

Out Section (0-3km)

You will exit T2 and turn onto the fitness path running parallel to the Niagara River for the first 500m until joining up with the road and turning right onto the Niagara Parkway. Running north, at approx 1.7km you will turn left onto Burning Springs Hill Rd. Once on Burning Spring Hill Rd, you will then veer right as the road splits onto Dufferin Isle Rd and run alongside the scenic Dufferin Islands. At 2.5kms you will hit the turnaround and run back towards Burning Hills Spring Rd where you will make a sharp right and tackle a short climb covered by a tree canopy before reaching Portage Rd.

Loop Section (3km to 8.8km)

The course then turns right on Portage Rd. and follows a coned lane north to the scenic pedestrian pathway from Portage Rd to Murray Hill. This path runs along the Casino property at the top of the escarpment, making for a very scenic and completely traffic free experience. In order to access Murray hill, athletes will need to descend a set of stairs, where staff are present to assist athletes if necessary. At the bottom of Murray hill, the course then turns right onto the Niagara Parkway heading south back towards Kingsbridge park.

We will have a closed lane on the Parkway dedicated to the runners. You will pass scenic Table Rock and be able to hear the roar of Niagara Falls as you pass the American and Canadian Falls. The course continues in this coned lane passing the old Toronto Power Plant eventually passing Burning Springs Hill Rd. You will continue running on the Niagara Parkway towards Kingsbridge Park.

Back Section (9km – 10.5km)

The next 1.5km takes the runners along the Niagara Parkway, turning left into the parking  right turn back into the Finish area where runners will enter the finishers/lap area.

2nd Lap

At this point you will have the option of entering the finishers chute or heading out for lap 2 of the run course. You will repeat the above sections exactly as described again.


After completing your 2nd lap of the run course you will this time take the Finisher’s chute and run the final stretch towards the finish line!


2 laps



The Finish Line is located in the heart of Kingsbridge Park adjacent to the splash pad and the large covered pavilion.  There is plenty of space for friends and family in the park to cheer! Athletes will receive a Finishers Medal and Hat.

We hope this give you a through overview of what to expect on race weekend. If we missed anything please email and let us know.