Courses are subject to change.


Both Olympic and Half athletes will swim in Lake Harmony and will start the swim from the dock/boat launch area of Split Rock Resort. Typical water temperature is 75-degrees. Run to transition is less than 200m.

Swim Course: Olympic

Swim Course: Half


Once out of the water and onto the bike athletes ride around Lake Harmony and out to Hickory Run State Park. The first 12-miles of the bike are a net downhill ride before beginning the climb out of the park and back to the resort. This ride is a lot of things, but never boring. Stunning views of farm fields, mountain sides, streams and lakes will keep your spirits high as you ride through the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.

WHAT LOCAL ATHLETES ARE SAYING ABOUT THE NEW COURSE: I rode and ran the course today. One loop of the bike and two loops on the run. Here is my take on the course. The roads are smooth, wide and and in great shape. It’s not flat, but there are only a few turns. The first 10 miles is mostly down. And the downhills are fast. The best part about the downhills are you can really hammer since there are no tight turns. Now there are some climbs it is Pocono Mountains! But the climbs for the most part aren’t the lung searing, stand on your pedals and hope you don’t fall down type. Most of the climbing from mile 12-24 is gradual steady state. I think the course is easier than Quassy even though you have more elevation. We will of course be doing some pre rides and let me know if you have questions. Folks this is going to be a great race!!!

Bike Course: Olympic

Bike Course: Half:2-Loops


The run course is as spectator friendly as any in the country while utilizing the terrain to keep it interesting for the athletes. The signature element is a short punchy climb marking the first 200-m of each loop followed by 2-miles of net downhill and a final rise towards the finish/expo area. Olympic Rev athletes run 2-loops, Half Rev athletes 4-loops. Spectators can enjoy the rockin’ music, Rev3 Jumbotron, Kids Zone, VIP Area and the festival atmosphere of the finish line while getting to see their athlete many times over the course of the 6.2 or 13.1-mile run. The course finishes at the expo field of Split Rock Resort where you are only steps away from your room where you can shower and join the post-race party.

Run Course: Olympic

Run Course: Half:2-Loops