How can I find my athlete who is using a Qollector?

  • Visit and choose the race. You can filter by category. Click the star to mark an athlete as a favorite for this race. Favorites appear at the top of the athlete list.
  • Note: HalfREV and OlympicREV have separate race pages.

My athlete is not moving on the map.

  • The Qollector sends an update every minute. If out of cellular range, data is buffered and transmitted when service returns.

I forgot to charge my Qollector last night and it is almost dead on race morning.

  • Please talk to a Quarq employee about swapping out the device for a new one – see them at the Quarq tent in transition.

I lost my Qollector.

  • Talk to a Quarq employee at the Quarq Race Intelligence booth or at the Quarq tent in bike transition on race day.

Where can I drop off my Qollector after the race?

  • The Quarq team will be at the finish line to collect the device as soon as you finish. Or you can leave them in the drop-off bin at the Quarq tent in bike transition.

Can I have my race file from the Qollector?

  • No. They do though hope to offer this later in the year.

I am racing both days at one location; can I use the Qollector for both?

  • Yes. Please notify the Quarq employee when you pick up your Qollector.

Can I rent the Qollector for any REV3 activities?

  • Qollectors are available to rent for the HalfREV, OlympicREV and FullREV.

I am on a relay team; can I still use a Qollector?

  • Yes. There will be one Qollector for the team. Please talk to a Quarq employee at the Quarq Race Intelligence booth in the Expo.


  • Get your Qollector at the Quarq booth – if you want to check it out before race day – or at the Quarq tent in transition on race day.
  • Qollector’s dimensions are 99mm x 55mm x 22mm. It weighs 114 grams.
  • Most of the professionals Quarq worked with in 2015 carried it in their race suit pocket (with a safety pin to keep it shut), in a dedicated pocket sewn inside their suit (it’s waterproof) or in the race belt supplied to pros for free.
  • Qollector How-To (includes carrying options): CLICK HERE
  • More on Qollector and Quarq Race Intelligence, including specifications and a video:  CLICK HERE