You have taken on the challenge to do both the Olympic and the Half!! We admire you already! There are a couple of details you will need to know for race weekend that will be a little different from everyone else.

  1. You will only have to go through packet pick up once. Your bib will stay the same on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. You will need to get a NEW chip after the Olympic on Saturday. After you finish the Oly head to the timing trailer and they will set you up with a new chip for the Half.
  3. You will be allowed to leave your bike in transition; your spot will stay the same on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. You will have two separate swim caps. Please make sure you have the correct color for each day.
  5. All Revolution athletes will receive a participant shirt and a REVOLUTION shirt. Be sure to pick it up when you get your SWAG bag. You must be registered for the REVOLUTION to get the shirt, not just the Olympic and Half.

Best of luck! If you have any questions please e-mail