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Gain insight of the REVOLUTION3 Triathlon Quassy Triathlon race with descriptive overviews of the swim, bike and run course; plus view maps, rules, regulations and other safety requirements.

It’s tough enough to physically and mentally prepare for a triathlon. We’re here to make your race day experience as positive and smooth as possible.

Elevation Charts

Bike (Olympic REV)

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Bike (Half REV)

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Run (Olympic REV)

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Run (Half REV)

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Course Preview Videos

The videos are indented to give you a rough preview of the course.  The course is subject to change and highly recommend you view the course maps (bike run) or turn by turn directions for more accurate navigation of the course.

USAT Rules

Welcome to this USA Triathlon sanctioned event. You are racing under the USAT Competitive Rules. In order to minimize misunderstandings on race day, please take the time to read the following summary of the Position Violations, which you know as the drafting rules.

Position Rules can be summarized to the following:

  • Ride on the right side of your lane.
  • Keep three bike lengths between yourself and the cyclist in front of you.
  • Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.
  • Complete your pass within 15 seconds.
  • If passed, you must drop completely out of the zone, to the rear, before attempting to re-pass.

Remember you are racing in a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and there are USAT certified referees on the course to ensure fairness in the competition. There will be NO WARNINGS if you commit a foul during competition. Triathlon is an individual event and you must take personal responsibility to understand the rules and avoid penalties. At the end of the race all citations by the marshals are reviewed by the Head Referee who then decides if a penalty should be assessed. The Head Referee’s ruling is final in the case of Position Violations and there are no protests or appeals of Position penalties.

Marshals commonly cite the following violations:

  • Position– riding on the left side of the lane without passing.
  • Blocking – left side riding and impeding the forward progress of another competitor
  • Illegal Pass – passing on the right.
  • Overtaken - failing to drop back three bike lengths before re-passing
  • Drafting – following a leading cyclist closer than three bike lengths and failing to pass within 15 seconds.

Though Position Violations carry a time penalty for first offense, two citations will result in an additional penalty and if you are cited for three violations, you will be disqualified. Be sure to check the penalty sheet before you leave the race site and have a chat with the Head Referee if you have any questions.

Make sure your helmet is a CPSC approved model. All helmets legally sold in the US are CPSC approved but if you purchased your helmet in a different country it might be illegal for use in sanctioned events.

While on your bike, always have your chinstrap securely fastened – before, during and after the event! The chin strap rule is easy to follow, so don’t forget – that’s a DQ!

Wear your race numbers, don’t leave your trash on the course, and don’t carry or use any portable audio devices.

Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy and consideration. Failure to do so is called Unsportsmanlike Conduct and you will be disqualified.

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Transition & Finish Line


As you drive into the Quassy Amusement you will instantly see the REV3 Finish Line and Expo setup to your left.  To your right you will see the Transition Area that spans the length of the road to Quassy.  The main parking lot of to the right past Transition and overflow will be behind you, across the street.

Course Preview:

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Run Course


The course itself is challenging in spots but offers ample flat sections for proper recovery.  Whether you are enjoying the scenic view of Lake Quassapaug or the rural beauty of Middlebury’s Historic District this run has something for everyone.  The run course gives your family and loved ones plenty of opportunities to view you and cheer you on.  Save some energy for the run as you will need it for this course.

Turn by Turn Directions:

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Swim Course


At the sound of the gun you will jump into one of the most beautiful, and clean lakes in all of New England. Fed by over 200 springs, Lake Quassapaug will be a treat to your senses. This semi private lake boasts little boat traffic of any kind. The well staffed swim will be a triangle in shape. Quassy beach welcomes you home and sends you on a fun transition run through the Amusement Park.

Turn by Turn Directions:

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Bike Course

Join us on a journey through the breathtaking Connecticut countryside. Your bike ride begins by venturing out onto the scenic rolling hills of historic Middlebury.  You will be faced with challenging climbs culminating in gorgeous hilltop views.  Long winding descents will take you through pastoral vineyards and over Thomaston dam.  This engaging bike ride will take you past Black Rock State Reservoir – a well known nesting site for Bald Eagles.  You will be welcomed into some of Connecticut’s richest farmlands, past historic Bethleham Fairgrounds.  Follow the signs and the cheering voices as you pass through Litchfield Town Center on your way back to transition and the amazing Quassy Amusement Park.

Half REV



Turn right onto CT-64 W/Middlebury Rd 0.1 mi
Turn right onto Tuttle Rd 1.6 mi
Turn left onto White Deer Rock Rd 3.3 mi
Turn right onto Cat Swamp Rd 3.3 mi
Turn right onto Middle Rd Turnpike 4.2 mi
Turn left onto Quassapaug Rd 6.1 mi
Turn right onto US-6 E/Main St N 7.6 mi
Turn left onto Platt Rd 9.3 mi
Continue onto Guernseytown Rd 10.7 mi
Turn right onto CT-132 N/Judd Farm Rd 12.5 mi
Turn left onto CT-63 N/Litchfield Rd 13.1 mi
Turn right onto CT-109 E/Thomaston Rd 16.6 mi
Turn left onto CT-254 N/Waterbury Rd 22.8 mi
Turn left onto Center St 23.4 mi
Turn left onto CT-254 N/Northfield Rd 23.5 mi
Turn left onto CT-118 W/East St 30.8 mi
Turn left onto Chestnut Hill Rd 30.8 mi
Turn right onto Camp Dutton Rd 31.6 mi
Turn left onto CT-63 S/S Plains Rd 32.4 mi
Turn right onto CT-61 S/County Rd 34.0 mi
Sharp right onto Alain White Rd 35.7 mi
Continue onto Mattatuck Trail/Whites Wood Rd 37.4 mi
Continue onto Alain White Rd 39.6 mi
Continue onto CT-61 S/North St 41.4 mi
Turn left onto CT-109 E/East St 41.6 mi
Turn right onto Benton Rd 41.7 mi
Turn right to stay on Benton Rd 42.6 mi
Continue onto Hard Hill Rd N 43.2 mi
Slight left onto Nonnewaug Rd 47.1 mi
Turn left onto CT-61 S/Bethlehem Rd 47.8 mi
Continue onto Quassapaug Rd 48.6 mi
Turn right onto Middle Rd Turnpike 50.0 mi
Slight right to stay on Middle Rd Turnpike 51.6 mi
Turn left onto Cat Swamp Rd 51.9 mi
Turn left onto White Deer Rock Rd 52.8 mi
Turn right onto Tuttle Rd 52.8 mi
Turn left onto CT-64 E/Sherman Hill Rd 54.5 mi
Turn left 56.1 mi


Olympic REV



  • Turn left onto Rt. 64 after exiting the park
  • 0.5 mi:  Turn left onto Tranquility Rd.
  • 1.6 mi:   Straight onto Old Watertown Rd
  • 5.7 mi:  Right onto Rt. 6
  • 7.4 mi:  Left onto Platt Road
  • 8.8 mi:  Straight onto Guernseytown Road
  • 10.6 mi:  Right onto Judd Farm Road
  • 11.2 mi:  Left onto Rt. 63
  • 13.8 mi:  Left onto Anderson Rd
  • 14.3 mi:  Left onto Benton Rd/Hard Hill Rd
  • 18.5 mi:  Straight onto Nonewaug Rd
  • 19.2 mi:  Left onto Rt. 61
  • 20.0 mi:  Straight onto Quassapaug Rd
  • 24.0 mi:  Straight onto Tranquility Rd
  • 25.1 mi:  Right onto Rt. 64
  • 25.6 mi:  Right into Park/Transition


Finish Line & Transition


Event Info:


Course Preview:



Quassy Amusement Park was selected in order to offer the athlete and their families a unique, safe and fun experience. Founded as an amusement park in 1908, Quassy sits on the south shore of Lake Quassapaug in Middlebury, Connecticut. On its 20 plus acres, it boasts of 22 rides including the "Yo-Yo" Super Swing, "The Big Flush Water Coaster," a four-abreast "Grand Carousel," a variety of thrill rides as well as attractions for the very young.



Prize Purse:

$100,000  (HalfREV)



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