Rev 3 is NOTHING but first rate! Truly–I’ll NEVER do another IM sanctioned race again. You make the age groupers feel like pros with personalized bike racks , race bibs, instant time results, photos on jumbo tron…i just cannot say enough about your organization. We WILL be back.


Rev3 is definitely a family friendly event. The constant bustle of activity is great . I loved having muscle milk there right after the race. I think Rev3 is a heavy heavy competitor for the IM Series. I had more fun at this event than the IM races I’ve done. I can’t wait for the race at the Dells next year!


My first half distance race was IM 70.3 Augusta last September. Having raced both IM 70.2 and Rev 3 Half races, I have to say that Rev 3 was the much better experience . From the race swag, to the timing, to the expo area, to the volunteers, to the aid stations everything exceeded my expectations. Great job!


Staff was overwhelmingly helpful and friendly. Finish area with shops, sponsors , and info area was great. Bike shop guys were great and made adjustments to my bike on Saturday. Family enjoyed the area on Saturday and it was well put together . Will definitely attend another event and have already told friends to keep in mind for next year. Knoxville shows well for this type of event!!


I have bragged about Rev3 already. The race swag was TOP OF THE LINE. The number tattoos were awesome!!! Loved that you played the National Anthem twice for the two separate races. Overall, I was impressed with Rev3 and find it to be an up and coming competitor for IM if full options are offered eventually. Nice job oversall!


I had a great race and really like the venue! The volunteers and staff were excellent . AND the schwag was great. I was even lucky enough to place and get some AWESOME prizes. Thank you. Having the race stream virtually was excellent for family who could not come and your announcer is first class!! Ohhh and having such a large pro field at the race was great too! A first class event all around. I will be entering more Rev3 in the future. Thank you for the great experience.


Volunteers very postiive and helpful. Well marked, very difficult course. Rev 3 continues to run the best events in the world of triathlon look forward to racing with Rev 3 again soon.


Overall, I was extremely pleased with REV3’s event. It was my first 70.3 so I have nothing to compare it to, but I can’t imagine it getting much better. I felt that REV3 put an event together for the pros, but kept the “age groupers” in mind also . My family enjoyed it also. My kids loved running with me across the finish line and getting their own medal. Great Job REV3!!!!


I have completed multiple Marathons including Boston and Disney. Your attention to detail rivals the best. The medal and swag are excellent. Your encouragement while racing is great.


REV3 staff and volunteers were outstanding!!! Everyone was friendly, helpful, and no snotty I know more about triathlon than you do attitudes. Police involvement and race course volunteers were super!! I would rank the entire event a 10 out of 10. I’ve done IM brand events and Raceday brand events and I really feel REV3 did a superior job in every aspect of the event. I also appreciate that you even conduct this type of survey. It seems as though you care what your participants think about the event and not just wanting our money. I’m already excited about next year’s event! Thanks again.


I LOVED your race staff and volunteers. They were fantastic all the way around. Your staffers are top notch and exude a customer first orientation. All of the aid stations had happy cheerful people, very helpful, and enthusiastic. That is a HUGE plus. The run stations had great stuff too. We brought the family for race weekend, so we entered the kids adventure race on Saturday. That was so much fun, my girls had a great time and it was great to share that with them. That is unique to REV3, please keep that event! I would definitely do another Rev3 event .


Best organized TRI I have ever done.


Your staff and volunteers were incredibly helpful and pleasant! Everyone involved was extraordinarily friendly and welcoming, and the personal attention was outstanding . Please let your volunteers know how much us slow-pokes appreciate their positive spirit and support, and THANK YOU for keeping the support out there until the very end. I will definitely race Rev3 again and highly recommend you to others!


Loved the professionalism & organization. Events started on time. Especially liked the post race food bag eliminating the line of finishers grabbing everything in site. Rev3 is “a breath of fresh air” in the sport of triathlon. Appreciate the honoring of a fallen triathlete. Don’t change anything.


The race participant swag was awesome. Best at any event, including IM.


This was my first time racing with Rev3 and my first half IM distance. You guys made it an incredible experience! The volunteers were so helpful and supportive , the aid stations were out of this world, beautiful course, I would do this race again in a heartbeat.


I can not say enough wonderful things are the REV3 staff. Everyone was GREAT! Many warm thanks for making my very first triathlon one that I will never forget . I look forward to seeing the REV3 staff again later this year… I am seriously thinking about Anderson, SC


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of my first Rev3 event. We signed up because of the great things we had heard from friends and we were not disappointed. We had a great time during the race and the whole experience, just a few things that I thought could be improved but keep up the great work and by giving out technical shirts it is a good way to get publicity out there.


This one is HUGE!! The ENT DR. you had on site the day before the race was a LIFE SAVER!! I was checking in my stuff, picking up packet, etc., my wife and two kids were playing on the inflatables and in the spinkler/fountain when my daughter got knocked down and cut her knee open. Of course it needed stitches. The DR. went out of his way to take care of her, sew her knee up, be kind to her, and help me out big time. I would have been stuck with her in the ER for the night without his help. I can’t thank him and REV 3 enough for taking care of us! If I had wrecked my bike the next day it still would have been a great race. He saved us all, thanks again.


I LOVE Rev3!I’ve raced WTC events for years and this race was miles better. i will be racing this series in the future.


I do alot of the IM series races and felt the REv3 was much better run and alot more family friendly activities. So many people have small kids at these races and that is important.


Rev 3 is NOTHING but first rate! Truly–i’ll NEVER do another IM sanctioned race again. You make the age groupers feel like pros with personalized bike racks , race bibs, instant time results, photos on jumbo tron…i just cannot say enough about your organization. We WILL be back.


Best organized triathlon I’ve ever done (~7 races; 5 different organizers). I am a back-of-the-pack, in-it-to-finish triathlete. This was my first half-distance race, and I was worried you would be out of food and drink by the time I approached the aid stations. Instead, volunteers met me at each station with exactly what I needed. The swim clinic made professionals available to discuss the distance, transition and other aspects of the long swim. Race Director Eric patiently answered questions after the mandatory meeting and asked for feedback if his answer wasn ‘t what happened on race day. I had a bike equipment issue on the course, and David from Elite and his mechanic got me back in the race with no subsequent problems . Everyone associated with Rev3 was friendly and helpful. I will recommend Rev3 to my friends and consider running in another Rev3 race.



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