Packet Pickup

Athlete check-in and packet pickup will be on:

  • Friday May 29, 2015 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Saturday May 30, 2015 from 7:15am – 8:00am
  • Sunday May 31, 2015 from 7:15-8:00am (if necessary)

If you do not check-in during the designated hours you will not be allowed to race.

Step 1:

Locate the bib number poster displayed on a poster adjacent to the registration tent.  This poster will list every athlete’s name and bib number. Please find your bib number and proceed inside the tent to the volunteers distributing race packets.

Step 2:

Once you have obtained your bib number, you may proceed to the volunteers inside the registration tent to pick up your race packet.


In order to obtain your race packet, you will need to show government issued photo identification and a USAT membership card (or one-day license receipt).  Please bring your USAT card or $12 to purchase a one-day license. If you are a USAT member and forget your card, you will be required to sign the USAT waiver and purchase a one-day license.  Professional triathletes are required to submit proof of professional status at check-in.


All Relays MUST check in as a team, together at the Timing Station.  To ensure that all team members complete the appropriate waivers, partial or incomplete teams will not be permitted to check-in for absent members of the relay team.


If you’d like participate in a relay, but don’t have a team, please inform the Timing Station and a team will be put together for you.


If you do not check in during the designated hours you will not be able to race.


In the race packet, athletes will receive:

  • Athlete Wristband
  • Race Number Tattoos
  • Race Number Stickers
  • Swim Cap
  • Athlete Tote (you will need to label this with your bib number sticker)

Athlete Wristband

Every Rev3 Rush athlete will receive a numbered Rev3 Rush wristband upon check-in. This band will identify you as an official participant and must be worn during race weekend. This wristband is required for medical identification purposes and allows you access to special events, transition, and recovery area. Your wristband will have your bib number on it.




Race Number Tattoos

Each athlete race packet will contain temporary tattoos for your race day body marking. The tattoos are numbered corresponding to the athlete race (bib) number.  Please ensure the tattoos are applied prior to arriving at transition and prior to applying sunscreen. DO NO RELY ON ON-SITE BODY MARKING.


Each race packet should contain the following tattoos:

  • Two long, bib-numbered, vertical (to be applied on each upper arm)
  • Two digits that make up your race age (to be applied on the right calf)


Tattoo application: REMOVE THE THIN, CLEAR PLASTIC / CELLOPHANE SHEET FIRST.  Lay and hold the tattoo on your skin and then hold a wet cloth on top of the tattoo to dampen the paper (hold for approximately 30 seconds).  Once the tattoo paper is thoroughly saturated, remove the paper. Voila!


Please Note:

  • Tattoos should be applied before applying sunscreen. Tattoos do not adhere well to skin that has been prepped with sunscreen.
  • Also, tattoos must be worn all weekend. Do not remove your tattoos until after your final race on Sunday.


Tattoo Removal: Apply a layer of tape (scotch, duct, packing) on the tattoo and peel.  The tattoo should remove with one or two swipes.

Race Number Stickers

Each race packet should contain the following bike-marking, race-number stickers:

  • One small sticker (to be applied to the front of the helmet)
  • One larger sticker (to be applied on the bike with the number displayed on both sides of the bike).  It usually is best to place this sticker on the seat stem or top tube or down tube.
  • Two rectangular stickers to be applied to the Athlete Tote


Swim Cap

All athletes will be issued a colored swim cap.  The race-issued swim cap must be visible during the swim leg of the race.


SWAG Bag Pickup

After the race packet and timing chip have been obtained, the SWAG (goodie) bag may be picked up from the registration tent. Each participant SWAG bag will contain a participant shirt and other goodies from our sponsors.  The race packet and athlete wristband must be shown to the volunteers distributing SWAG bags.


Step 3:


After obtaining the race packet from the registration tent, proceed to the Timing Station to pick up your timing chip and verify athlete information. If you do not have a chip you will not be able to race.


Athletes must wear the provided and assigned timing chip at all times while racing. The timing chip should be fastened to the left ankle with the Velcro strap provided.  Fasten the timing strap before the swim and leave it on until after your entire race is completed.


The Rev3 Rush transition coordinator(s) will have spare timing chips. If you lose your timing chip while on the run course, please notify a timing official immediately after crossing the finish line.


In the event that an athlete does not start or does not complete the entire race, the timing chip must be turned in to a staff member or race official.  Failure to wear your timing chip on race day, return your chip after the event, or pay the replacement cost of your lost chip may disqualify you from future Rev3 Rush events. Lost timing chip replacement fee: $110.00




PLEASE NOTE: It is the athletes’ responsibility to return the timing chip to the chip rack (placed at the finish line) after his or her final race of the weekend.


If you have any questions about this process please e-mail


Step 4:

Bike Check

All athletes will stage their bikes in the Bike Pit. Bikes may be checked into the Bike Pit on Friday evening.  For athletes racing Saturday, all bikes must be checked in no later than 8:00am Saturday morning. Bikes may be removed out of the Bike Pit Saturday evening, but it is highly recommend that your bike is left overnight if you plan on racing on Sunday. Athletes who intend to skip the Prelim-A heat and just race on Sunday may rack their bike on Sunday morning by no later than 8:00 am.


Overnight security will be present to monitor all bikes.


When bikes are checked into the Bike Pit, each athlete should make sure his or her bike is in the assigned, marked bike rack space.  Athletes should also make sure their bikes are labeled with the bike number sticker provided.


Please also be aware that:

  • Only athletes will be allowed in the Bike Pit, Staging, and Transition Area. In order to enter the Bike Pit or Transition & Staging Area, the athlete wristband will need to be shown.
  • Athletes may use the Endorphin Fitness warm-up area within the Bike Pit at any time on Saturday and Sunday. Bikes cannot be removed from the Bike Pit until an individual’s racing is completed for the weekend.

If you have any questions about this process please e-mail