Once you have finished your swim you will hop out of the pool and run down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp you will find your bin and your bike.  Place your swim gear into your bin, then put on your biking gear (shoes are allowed to be attached to your bike pedals), then grab your bike from the racks. Helmets must be on your head and buckled before you can remove your bike from the rack. You will not be able to mount your bike until you cross the mount line.

  • Athletes Ages 6-9 will ride 2.25 Miles (3 Laps)
  • Athletes Ages 10-11 will ride  3.75 Miles (5 Laps)
  • Athletes Ages 12+ will ride 5.25 Miles (7 Laps)

RIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COUNTING THEIR OWN LAPS. On your last lap you will merge onto pit row and will be guided back to transition. You will ride until you hit the dismount line. At the dismount line you will rack in the racks provided. You will NOT need to rack your bike in a specific spot, you can rack your bike in the first spot that is available. After you rack your bike you will run to your bin,  place your biking gear into your bin, put on your running gear and go!

Please note no aerobars are allowed.