All athletes will stage their bikes in the Bike Pit. Bikes may be checked into the Bike Pit on Friday evening.  For athletes racing Saturday, all bikes must be checked in no later than 8:00am Saturday morning. Bikes may be removed out of the Bike Pit Saturday evening, but it is highly recommend that your bike is left overnight if you plan on racing on Sunday. Athletes who intend to skip the Preliminary A Heats and just race on Sunday may rack their bike on Sunday morning by no later than 8:00 am.


Overnight security will be present to monitor all bikes.


When bikes are checked into the Bike Pit, each athlete should make sure his or her bike is in the assigned, marked bike rack space.  Athletes must also make sure their bikes are labeled with the bike number sticker provided.


Please also be aware that:

  • Only athletes will be allowed in the Bike Pit, Staging, and Transition Area. In order to enter the Bike Pit or Transition & Staging Area, the athlete wristband will need to be shown.
  • Athletes may use the Endorphin Fitness warm-up area within the Bike Pit at any time on Saturday and Sunday. Bikes cannot be removed from the Bike Pit until an individual’s racing is completed for the weekend.