The gates to the Richmond International Raceway will open at 7:15 am on Saturday. All athletes will have the opportunity to warm up on the swim, bike, or run from 7:30am to 8:15am.

Racing will begin at 8:30am. Heats will go from youngest to oldest.  Heats will start every 15min. For example the first heat of athletes will be all  athletes ages 7-8. After 15 minutes will start with athletes ages 9. We will run heats in that order until we finish all age groups.

Age Group Racing will be from 8:30am to 12:00pm.

From 12:30pm to 2:00pm we will have Elite Development Racing. Elite Development Racing is all athletes ages 16-25 and elite licenses.

IF YOU DO NOT PLAN ON RACING ROUND 2, you will need to notify timing by 2:00pm, so we can remove you from the heat. 

Round 2 of Age Group racing will start at 3:00pm and will follow the same format as Round 1. Athletes will have three opportunities to race and improve their time and standings for the championship. Your best time out of all three rounds will determine who makes it to the finals.

How can you make it to the finals??

For the AGE GROUP finals we will be taking 8 male and 8 female athletes from each age group to the final round on Sunday.  For the ELITE DEVELOPMENT finals we will be taking the top 15 males and top 15 females. On Sunday, after the Age Group finals are completed, we will run two more heats of the top 8  FASTEST OVERALL males  and females to determine the Grand Champion Male and Female of the Rev3 RUSH!

What does the race look like?

When you arrive in the morning, if you haven’t already you will need to pick up your race packet. Be sure to label your bike, transition bin, apply your tattoo, and put on your wristband. Once you have done all of this you can check your bike into transition. When you are in transition you can plan your running and biking gear into the bin provided.  When it is about 30 minutes from your heat you will need to go to transition and get your bike and bin. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you pay close attention to the announcer. Once your heat is announced you will have 10 minutes to make your way to the staging area.

You will be called into the staging area. In the staging area you should have your swim gear with you, your bike and bin with your gear in hand. Once the heat in front of you starts their run you will walk to your place behind your swim lane. You will place your back tire into the bike rack and you bin next to your bike. The bike rack numbers will correspond with your lane assignment.

You will be called to your start. When your heat is told to go you will swim, jump out of the pool, put on your biking gear and drop your swim gear into the bin, grab your bike and go. You will complete your bike laps, while running back to your swim lane you will rack your bike in the transition area. You will NOT have to rack your bike in any specific spot,  simply place it in the first spot available. You will run back behind your swim lane, take off your helmet and bike gear, place it in your bin and put on your running gear.

While you are finishing your run volunteers will be returning your bike and bin back to your spot in transition. It is very important that you label all of your gear and make sure all of your gear makes it back into the bin.

Then you are done! You can relax, enjoy some festivities and rest up to do it all again and improve your time!