Race Number Tattoos

Each athlete race packet will contain temporary tattoos for your race day body marking. The tattoos are numbered corresponding to the athlete race (bib) number.  Please ensure the tattoos are applied prior to arriving at transition and prior to applying sunscreen. DO NO RELY ON ON-SITE BODY MARKING.


Each race packet should contain the following tattoos:

  • Two long, bib-numbered, vertical (to be applied on each upper arm)
  • Two digits that make up your race age (to be applied on the right calf)


Tattoo application: REMOVE THE THIN, CLEAR PLASTIC / CELLOPHANE SHEET FIRST.  Lay and hold the tattoo on your skin and then hold a wet cloth on top of the tattoo to dampen the paper (hold for approximately 30 seconds).  Once the tattoo paper is thoroughly saturated, remove the paper. Voila!


Please Note:

  • Tattoos should be applied before applying sunscreen. Tattoos do not adhere well to skin that has been prepped with sunscreen.
  • Also, tattoos must be worn all weekend. Do not remove your tattoos until after your final race on Sunday.


Tattoo Removal: Apply a layer of tape (scotch, duct, packing) on the tattoo and peel.  The tattoo should remove with one or two swipes.


Race Number Stickers

Each race packet should contain the following bike-marking, race-number stickers:

  • One small sticker (to be applied to the front of the helmet)
  • One larger sticker (to be applied on the bike with the number displayed on both sides of the bike).  It usually is best to place this sticker on the seat stem or top tube or down tube.
  • Two rectangular stickers to be applied to the Athlete Tote