After obtaining the race packet from the registration tent, proceed to the Timing Station to pick up your timing chip and verify athlete information. If you do not have a chip you will not be able to race.


Athletes must wear the provided and assigned timing chip at all times while racing. The timing chip should be fastened to the left ankle with the Velcro strap provided.  Fasten the timing strap before the swim and leave it on until after your entire race is completed.


The Rev3 Rush Transition Coordinator(s) will have spare timing chips. If you lose your timing chip while on the run course, please notify a timing official immediately after crossing the finish line.


In the event that an athlete does not start or does not complete the entire race, the timing chip must be turned in to a staff member or race official.  Failure to wear your timing chip on race day, return your chip after the event, or pay the replacement cost of your lost chip may disqualify you from future Rev3 Rush events. Lost timing chip replacement fee: $110.00




PLEASE NOTE: It is the athletes’ responsibility to return the timing chip to the chip rack (placed at the finish line) after his or her final race of the weekend.