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Answer to all your REV3 Rush Triathlon Questions:

General Questions

How Can I Qualify for Finals as an Age Grouper?

The top 8 in each age group will qualify for finals. You will have three chances to qualify for finals. We will take your best time out of all three of your races and the top 8 best times in each age group will race in the finals. Athletes can race in one, two, or all three rounds in attempts to better their qualifying time.

What is the Elite Development Race Prize Purse Breakdown?

Prize Money will be awarded to the top 5 Males and Females in the Elite Development Race

  • 1st Place: $1,000
  • 2nd Place: $700
  • 3rd Place: $400
  • 4th Place: $250
  • 5th Place: $150

Can I set up a 10×10 tent inside the track?

Yes! We encourage athletes and their teams / clubs and family members to set up your tents and hang out with us all day long!  This event is as much about the team camaraderie as it is the racing.

Can my family run down the finish shoot with me?

While this event is about as family friendly as they come, we will not permit participants to cross the finish line with anybody but themselves.  This is due to the quantity of athletes finishing and the pace at which they will be moving when they do.

 Will there be any aid stations on the course?

 There will be no aid stations during the event, however, when you cross the finish line, Gatorade and water will be available.

 Will my supporters be able to watch my entire race?

Yes!  That is the entire concept of the Rev3 Rush experience.  Your supporters will be able to stay in one spot and watch your entire race unfold right before their eyes!

 Are there other activities available outside of the racing?

Yes!  While the races are in full swing, we will have a host of other activities taking place throughout the expo.  Expect things like live music, silly games and fun activities for the kids.  The expo activities is a large part of the entire experience

 Do I have to be at the race site all weekend?

While we do encourage you to stay and enjoy the entire experience, it’s also understandable that you may have other weekend activities to tend to.  While you are not racing, feel free to leave the venue.  However, we do ask that you return in time to prepare for your next heat.

 Does Rev3 Rush qualify for the age group championship event?

Yes.  Rev3 Rush will qualify you for the 2014 Age Group Series.

 What is the time between heats?

Each heat will be separated by no less then 10 minutes.  So if the heat in front of you completes the swim in 6 minutes, you would have 4 minutes before the start of our heat.

 How do I know when my heat starts?

 The Thursday prior to each Rush event, we will send out a heat sheet and post the heat start times online.  The first heat is all we can schedule to start the weekend.  After that, heat start times will be posted within 45 minutes from the time the last person in your heat finished.

 How do I know who is in my age group?

The heat start times and roster will be e-mailed to you and posted online the Thursday prior to the event.

 If I am unable to finish my heat, will I be able to race again?

 If for some reason you are unable to finish your race, you will be placed at the end of your age group in the next round.  If for some reason you are unable to finish in round 2, we will be hosting a Last Chance Qualifier round on Sunday morning.  That will be your final chance to qualify for the finals on Sunday.

 How many times do I get to race?

 Each athlete is guaranteed at least 2 races on the weekend and a maximum of 6 races if you choose to participate in the relay formats.

 What’s included in the cost of registration?

 Included in your race entry fee is a race T-shirt, custom tote, blueseventy swim cap, race tattoos and the opportunity to race up to 6 times on the weekend.  We will be offering prizes for the top 3 in each age group.  Additionally, you will get space to set up a 10×10 tent as well as all of the race weekend entertainment you can handle within the expo.  Be prepared for T-Shirt cannons!

 What are the racing categories?

We will have the same race categories as most traditional triathlons.  However, we will NOT have Athena, Clydesdale or Aquabike.

 How deep do the awards go in each racing category?

We will be providing great awards and prizes for the top 3 finishers in each age group.

 When do I need to check in?

We recommend that you arrive at least one hour and thirty minutes prior to your race start time.  Earlier is always better!  This format of racing will be new to most athletes, and wouldn’t hurt to get to the venue even earlier.

 When is packet pick up?

Packet pick up will be held on Friday evening, as well as Saturday morning.  Packet pick up will close at 10:00 am on Saturday morning (Subject to Change)

 Will there be onsite registration?

Yes, but it will be very limited.  Because we have to issue the heat start times on Thursday, we will not be able to change those start times from that point forward.  Therefore, the only way athletes can sign up on site, is if an empty pool lane is available in their age group.  We HIGHLY recommend signing up online to guarantee a spot in the race.

 Will there be post-race food?

No.  We will not offer a full post-race meal at the Rush events.  Having said that, we will offer water and Gatorade at the finish line.  We will also have small snacks and fruit available for athletes.  Vendors will be on site to make sure you don’t go hungry!

 What happens in the case of severe weather?

Just like at any outdoor pool, we will be required to close the water for at least 30 minutes from when we hear thunder.  We will re-open the pool after 30 min and continue racing where we left off.

 Is this event USAT sanctioned?

 Yes.  You will have to be an annual member or a 1 day license holder in order to compete in Rev3 Rush.

 How do I advance to the finals?

If you place in the top 5 of your first round, then you automatically advance to the finals.  If you place top 5 in your second round, then you advance to the finals.  Lastly, if you place top two in the “Last Chance Qualifier” round, then you will advance to the finals.

 Can I mount a camera on my bike?

Yes!  By all means do so!  Just be sure that the camera is secure and that it won’t harm your fellow competitors.

 Are head phones allowed during the race?

 No.  USAT rules still apply.  We will have speakers along the course though!

 Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement is 7 years old.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

 What are the distances?

Distances will vary slightly by age groups and format, but the standard age group distance will be a 250 meter swim, 5 mile bike and a 1.25 mile run.


Can I wear a wetsuit?  No.  Because the swim is such a short distance and the transition are must remain clean, we will not permit the use of wetsuits.  You may swim in an approved swim skin, but it must remain on for the entire race.

 What happens if I miss count my laps during the swim? We will have lap counters located at the far end of each lane.  They will be counting your laps and will notify you when you have 25 meters to go.  A brightly colored sign will be placed in your field of vision just before making your final turn.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to count your laps.

 Are caps provided?  Yes.  Swim caps will be provided, but will not be required.

 Do I get my own lane to swim in?  Yes.  Each athlete will have their own lane to swim the entire distance required.

 Can I do flip turns? Yes.  Flip turns are permitted.

 Is this an in water start?  No.  You will be required to start the event from the deck surface.  You may choose to dive or you may sit down to enter the water.  The choice is yours.

 Are there starting blocks?  There will be no starting blocks, but you may dive from the ledge of the pool.

 What happens if I false start?  One false start per heat is allotted to the entire field.  For the second false start, the athlete will be Dis-qualified and will be eligible to race in the next round, when applicable.

 Will swim warm ups be allowed?  No.  At this time we will not allow warn up’s.  We are looking into the possibility of opening up a Friday evening familiarization time.  Stay tuned for more details.

 Is there a swim cut off?  Yes.  The swim cut off is 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

 Can I walk the swim?  While we respect that some athletes may need to touch the bottom during their 250 meter swim, if you are walking the entire distance, the odds of making the 8:30 minute cut off will be very slim.

 What happens if I don’t make the swim cut off?  You will automatically be placed into the next round, at the back of your age group and afforded the opportunity to race again.

 How deep is the pool? The pool is 5 feet deep.

Is the pool chlorinated? Yes.  The pool is treated just as any indoor pool that you are used to swimming in.  The levels will be checked periodically throughout the day to make sure we are within recommended limits.


Is Rev3 Rush draft legal?

Yes!  That is the component that makes the Rush format different then any race you have done before.  However, if you are not comfortable drafting, it is not a requirement.  For those athletes, you should treat this event just like the typical non-draft legal triathlons that you may have participated in the past.

 What kind of bike do I need?

Tri bikes will not be allowed.  Specifically, you may not have bar end shifters and your aero bars may not protrude beyond your brake hoods.    See ITU competition rules – 5.2. subsection b

 Can I use a disc wheel?

No.  Disc wheels will not be allowed.

 Can I clip my shoes into my pedals?

Yes.  However, we strongly suggest perfecting this technique prior to race day.  This is a skill that involves a bit of practice to get perfect!  If you are not 100% comfortable with this technique, we highly recommend placing your shoes in the container we provide.

 Do I need to count my laps on the bike?

 Yes.  We will be keeping track of how many laps you complete via our timing system.  However, we will not communicate that to you during the race.  Counting your bike laps is YOUR responsibility.  If you accidentally mis- count your laps, you will be dis-qualified from that round and you will have the opportunity to race in the next round, if applicable.

 What happens if I get lapped on the bike?

Nothing!  The instances may be rare, but if you get lapped, just keep Pedaling.  Don’t get caught up in others races, and be sure to keep an accurate count of YOUR laps.

 Will you have bike handlers?

 Yes! When you come into transition on your last lap, bike handlers will be there to grab your bike from you at the bike dismount line.  Pass your bike to a handler and move onto transition.  Do not try to re-rack your bike in transition.

 Will bike mechanics be available?

Yes.  Bike mechanics will be available inside the bike pit area.

 Can I draft off of any athlete?

 Yes! There are no restrictions on who you may draft off.  Please keep safety as your number 1 priority and keep in mind that not all athletes may have the same level of comfort as you.

 Can I pre-ride the course?

You will not be allowed to pre ride the course.  However, we will be scheduling course tours for the Friday before the event.  A Rev3 staff member will walk groups of athletes through the entire process.

 When is bike check in?

Bike check in will be Saturday morning.  You can check your bike in as it suits you, but we do ask that your bike be place in the bike pit area at least 1:30 before your heat is scheduled to go off.

 What happens if there’s a crash?

 If you crash there will be a safety crew with a Yellow flag alerting fellow racers of your position while you are cared to. You will be waved around the accident.  If needed a Red Flag will be issued, the races will be halted and affected heats will be re-run.

Bike Pit, Staging, On Deck and Transition

What’s allowed in the Bike Pit? 

The bike pit is your place to prepare for your race.  Therefore, anything you need to prepare yourself is OK, however, trainers are not allowed and any person not racing will not be permitted to enter (parents, this means you too!).  This is an athlete’s only area.

 How often can I go into the bike pit?

Feel free to come and go from the bike pit throughout the day.  Be aware of the races going on around you and if you are crossing the course, pay attention so as not to get run over by a fellow competitor.  Remember, only athletes racing will be allowed in the bike pit area.

 What’s allowed in transition?

The transition area is meant to be a “clean” area.  Therefore, the only items allowed inside, will be:  Bike helmet, bike shoes, run shoes, swim cap, goggles, sun glasses and a visor / hat.  Al of these items must fit within the supplied container (20x9x12)

 How do I set up transition?

Because the transition area has to be kept clean, the setup is very easy.  The front wheel of your bike will be place in the bike rack immediately behind your swim lane. Place the container provided and all of its contents in the space beside your bike.  See video for more information.

 Do I have to clean up my transition area?

No. After you leave the transition area to start your run, a volunteer will take your supplied container back to your rack in the bike pit area.


Is the run multiple loops?

 In most scenarios, yes.   The idea behind Rev3 Rush is that spectators have many chances to see their athletes.  So we try to create courses that have multiple loops to accommodate that.


Do I keep my timing chip when I cross the finish line?  

Yes.  When you cross the finish line, your fun is just beginning!  Keep your chip until you are through racing for the weekend.  When you are complete, make sure to return your chip to the timing station.  Lost or non-returned chips will be charged back to the athlete at a cost of $110.00.

What happens if I lose my chip while I am racing?

 In the case of a lost chip, please visit the timing tent ASAP.  We cannot make up a time for you, however, we can place you into the next round and a $110.00 lost chip fee will be charged to you.



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REV3 Rush is a triathlon distance of 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run. The swim will be in two, 25 meter pools in the center of the raceway. The bike will go along the track and allows drafting or riding in a pack. The run will circle the infield. Each athlete will race a minimum of two races and a maximum of six races, with various races through the preliminary heats. The fastest times will then move on to a semi or final heat. In addition, each athlete has the option of racing in a mixed team relay which will be included in the athlete’s entry fee. On Sunday, the fastest age groupers will compete against each other to determine the overall champion. “When I started triathlons in 2001 I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the super sprint series that was being run in Australia at the time, there was a steep learning curve but one that I am thankful for. The skill set you gain from the fast and furious sprint racing is invaluable, and I am excited that Rev3 is offering these same experiences for juniors as well as the pros.” ~ Mirinda Carfrae, 3x World Champion <read more>


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