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Bike Pit, Staging, On Deck and Transition

What’s allowed in the Bike Pit? 

The bike pit is your place to prepare for your race.  Therefore, anything you need to prepare yourself is OK, however, trainers are not allowed and any person not racing will not be permitted to enter (parents, this means you too!).  This is an athlete’s only area.

 How often can I go into the bike pit?

Feel free to come and go from the bike pit throughout the day.  Be aware of the races going on around you and if you are crossing the course, pay attention so as not to get run over by a fellow competitor.  Remember, only athletes racing will be allowed in the bike pit area.

 What’s allowed in transition?

The transition area is meant to be a “clean” area.  Therefore, the only items allowed inside, will be:  Bike helmet, bike shoes, run shoes, swim cap, goggles, sun glasses and a visor / hat.  Al of these items must fit within the supplied container (20x9x12)

 How do I set up transition?

Because the transition area has to be kept clean, the setup is very easy.  The front wheel of your bike will be place in the bike rack immediately behind your swim lane. Place the container provided and all of its contents in the space beside your bike.  See video for more information.

 Do I have to clean up my transition area?

No. After you leave the transition area to start your run, a volunteer will take your supplied container back to your rack in the bike pit area.


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REV3 Rush is a triathlon distance of 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run. The swim will be in two, 25 meter pools in the center of the raceway. The bike will go along the track and allows drafting or riding in a pack. The run will circle the infield. Each athlete will race a minimum of two races and a maximum of six races, with various races through the preliminary heats. The fastest times will then move on to a semi or final heat. In addition, each athlete has the option of racing in a mixed team relay which will be included in the athlete’s entry fee. On Sunday, the fastest age groupers will compete against each other to determine the overall champion. “When I started triathlons in 2001 I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the super sprint series that was being run in Australia at the time, there was a steep learning curve but one that I am thankful for. The skill set you gain from the fast and furious sprint racing is invaluable, and I am excited that Rev3 is offering these same experiences for juniors as well as the pros.” ~ Mirinda Carfrae, 3x World Champion <read more>


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