General Questions

How does this whole thing work?

Each wave has 15 athletes. Each athlete gets his or her own swim lane (no snake swimming or circle swimming). After completing the swim you will run down the ramp to your bike which is just opposite your lane and head out on the track. Finish your bike by handing your bike to your bike catcher who will put it back in your rack for you. Grab your run shoes, complete the run and feel the Rush.

How Can I Qualify for Finals as an Age Grouper?

There are two chances to qualify for semi-finals. Prelim A heats will run from 8am-Noon on Saturday. Prelim B heats will run from 8:30-10am on Sunday. All athletes can race just one or both Prelim events. Your best time of the two will be used if you race both. The top 30 times in each Age Group qualify for Semi-Finals which will run from Noon-2pm on Sunday. The top 15 of those times qualify for Finals, which will run 4-5:30pm on Sunday.


All athletes are eligible to race relays and we strongly encourage you to do so. The relays will run from 4:30-6:30pm on Saturday. These are standard relays with one swimmer, one biker and one runner.

What is the Elite Development Category?

The Elite category is open to all those that wish to compete against the top athletes in the field.

The Elite race will consist of preliminary heats on Saturday with the top 30 moving on to the semi-finals and the top 15 from those competing in a swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run final. Please feel free to register any time.

Is there a lap-out rule?

Only for the Elite Finals.  There is no lap-out rule for age-groupers.

What is the Elite Development Race Prize Purse Breakdown?

There is no elite prize purse for the 2015 event.

Can I set up a 10×10 tent inside the track?

Yes! We encourage athletes and their teams / clubs and family members to set up your tents and hang out with us all day long!  This event is as much about the team camaraderie as it is the racing.

Can I park an RV on the infield?

Yes! BUT you cannot stay in the RV overnight. If you’d like to stay overnight you will need to move the RV to the RIR RV park – hook up fees will apply. Contact us for info.

Can my family run down the finish shoot with me?

While this event is about as family friendly as they come, due to the high-speed nature and wave format it is not safe to allow family and friends down the finish chute. We are happy to take photos of you and your family running down the chute during the pre-race walk-through though.

Will my supporters be able to watch my entire race?

Yes!  That is the entire concept of the Rev3 Rush experience.  Your supporters will be able to stay in one spot and watch your entire race unfold right before their eyes!

Are there other activities available outside of the racing?

Yes!  While the races are in full swing, we will have a host of other activities taking place throughout the expo.  The Rush Fitness Competition will be going on in between heats and the SpeakUp Revolution party will bring you live music, silly games and fun activities for the kids.  The expo activity is a large part of the entire experience.

Do I have to be at the race site all weekend?

While we do encourage you to stay and enjoy the entire experience, it’s also understandable that you may have other weekend activities to tend to.  While you are not racing, feel free to leave the venue.  However, we do ask that you return in time to prepare for your next heat.

Do I have to race both days?

No, we have set up the schedule so you can race Prelim B, Semi and Finals all on Sunday if you so choose. You can also race Prelim A and a relay on Saturday and call it a weekend if that suits your schedule.

What is the time between heats?

Each heat will be separated by no less then 10 minutes.  So if the heat in front of you completes the swim in 6 minutes, you would have 4 minutes before the start of our heat.

How do I know when my heat starts?

The Friday prior to each Rush event, we will send out a heat sheet and post the heat start times online.  The first heat is all we can schedule to start the weekend.  After that, heat start times will be posted within 45 minutes from the time the last person in your heat finished.

How do I know who is in my age group?

The heat start times and roster will be e-mailed to you and posted online the Friday prior to the event.

If I am unable to finish my heat, will I be able to race again?

All athletes are guaranteed two Prelim Races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday as well as the chance to race a relay on Saturday afternoon.

How many times do I get to race?

All athletes are guaranteed two Prelim Races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday as well as the chance to race a relay on Saturday afternoon.

What’s included in the cost of registration?

Included in your race entry fee is a race T-shirt, custom tote, blueseventy swim cap, race tattoos and the opportunity to race up to 5 times on the weekend.  We will be offering prizes for the top 3 in each age group.  Additionally, you will get space to set up a 10×10 tent as well as all of the race weekend entertainment you can handle within the expo.

What are the racing categories?

We will have the same age group divisions as most traditional triathlons.  However, we will NOT have Athena, Clydesdale or Aquabike.

How deep do the awards go in each racing category?

We will be providing great awards and prizes for the top 3 finishers in each age group.

When do I need to check in?

We recommend that you arrive at least one hour and thirty minutes prior to your race start time.  Earlier is always better!  This format of racing will be new to most athletes, and wouldn’t hurt to get to the venue even earlier.

What is this Mandatory Positive Check-In Sunday Morning?

In order for our timer to properly prepare for Prelim B heats you will be required to positively check-in at the timing trailer by 8am Sunday morning. You can check in on Saturday if you already know you want to race the Prelim B Heat.

When is packet pick up?

Packet pick up will be held on Friday evening, as well as Saturday morning.  Packet pick up will close at 8:00 am on Saturday morning (Subject to Change)

Will there be onsite registration?

Yes, but it will be very limited.  Because we have to issue the heat start times on Thursday, we will not be able to change those start times from that point forward.  Therefore, the only way athletes can sign up on site, is if an empty pool lane is available in their age group.  We HIGHLY recommend signing up online to guarantee a spot in the race.

Will there be post-race food?

No.  We will not offer a full post-race meal at the Rush events.  Having said that, we will offer water and Gatorade at the finish line.  We will also have small snacks and fruit available for athletes. Food vendors will be on site to make sure you don’t go hungry!

What happens in the case of severe weather?

Just like at any outdoor pool, we will be required to close the water for at least 30 minutes from when we hear thunder.  We will re-open the pool after 30 min and continue racing where we left off.

Is this event USAT sanctioned?

Yes.  You have to be an annual member or a 1-day license holder in order to compete in Rev3 Rush.

Can I ride my Tri-Bike?

No, this is a draft legal event. Aerobars cannot extend past the front brake-hoods. Contact us to rent a road bike for the event.

Can I use a disc-wheel?

No, disc wheels are not allowed in draft legal events

Can I wear a pointed aero-helmet?

Aero Road-Helmets are allowed. TT Helmets are not due to the long pointed back end.

Can I mount a camera on my bike?

Yes!  By all means do so!  Just be sure to let the on-deck official know so that he can assure that the camera is secure and that it won’t harm your fellow competitors.

Are head phones allowed during the race?

 No.  USAT rules still apply.  We will have speakers along the course though!

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement is 7 years old.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

What are the distances?

Distances will vary slightly by age groups and format:

7-9yrs (100m swim/2.25-mi bike/.75-mi run)

10-11yrs (200m/4.5-mi/1.5-mi)

12+ (250m/5-mi/1.5mi)

Relays will use the 12+ distances


Course Preview



REV3 Rush is a triathlon distance of 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.5-mile run. The swim is in a 25-meter pool constructed specifically for this event on the infield of the raceway. The bike is on the NASCAR track and allows for drafting or riding in a pack. The run circles the infield making the entire race incredibly spectator friendly. Each athlete can race a minimum of two races and a maximum of six races, with various races through the preliminary heats and relays. The fastest times will move on to a semi or final heat. Each athlete has the option of racing in a relay which is included in the athlete’s entry fee. The Elite Category finals will consist of an exciting swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run event. “When I started triathlons in 2001 I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the super sprint series that was being run in Australia at the time, there was a steep learning curve but one that I am thankful for. The skill set you gain from the fast and furious sprint racing is invaluable, and I am excited that Rev3 is offering these same experiences for juniors as well as the pros.” ~ Mirinda Carfrae, 3x World Champion <read more>


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