The Revolution3 Triathlon Series gears up for its sixth year of action in 2014. This innovative and bold triathlon series will continue to provide the triathlon world with an athlete centric and first class family friendly experience. The Revolution3 Triathlon Series prides itself on being the most innovative and family friendly triathlon series on the market. Through creative use of technology and an interactive environment for family and spectators, Revolution3 Triathlon Series has lived up to its established goals of providing the best experience on the market. We continue to grow and have more momentum behind us then ever before! Come join the ride in 2014 and be part of the Revolution!


Pre-Race Marketing

The 2014 Series Races:

The REV3 Triathlon team is committed to marketing your involvement in our races and series. When athletes and fans  know you’re racing, it benefits you, your sponsors and Rev3. Truly a win-win scenario.  We view the Professional athlete as an extension of our marketing platform and we hope that you will view participation in our series the same way.

  • Daily updated pro rosters with links back to your websites/blogs
  • Semi-weekly Q&A articles with Pro’s will be posted on our website
  • Full page profiles for Pro’s that commit to our series, with links to all of your social media
  • Opportunity for pre-race blog talk radio appearances


Race Weekend Media Visibility

Revolution3 Triathlon has a dedicated staff focused on providing media outlets with unique content throughout race weekend. The result? Better visibility for the ro athlete and your sponsors!

  • Unique photo galleries are sent to Triathlete, Lava, Slowtwitch and Xtri
  • Daily activity summaries sent to all major media outlets
  • Race reports are generated immediately following the race and forwarded to all triathlon media
  • Promotion available within the official athlete guide

Information you should know

  • The Rev3 website was visited over 8,000,000  times last year.  Over 600,000 unique views.
  • Pro roster pages were viewed 225,000 times in 2013.
  • To date, the web production videos have been loaded over 1,000,000 times.
  • Over 120,000 spectators have enjoyed Revolution3 events in 2013.

The earlier you commit to racing with us in 2014, the quicker you and your sponsor will benefit from the exposure that our races provide!



The 2014 series will look very similar to the 2013 series. We will welcome all Pros to race with us in 2014, but those who commit to our series will see some added benefits. We consider you a series Pro when you commit to race a minimum of 3 races with us for 2013. We will also need that commitment prior to April 15th 2014 if you would like the advantages of being considered a Series Pro.

  • Series Pros will be assigned the same bib number at each race they participate in
  • Only series Pros will receive posters to mark your spot in transition
  • Series Pros will receive full page profiles on our website with links to your website / social media / sponsors
  • We will post your race reports to our website
  • Select series pros will be featured in our full page advertising in
  • Triathlete Magazine


In order to be eligible for the series, professionals must race in a minimum of THREE races, but we will count the scoring from a maximum of FOUR races.  At each race, points will be awarded based on placement. We will offer 1 Hybrid distance (Which will be the Knoxville 2014 event)  4 Olympics and 4 Halves in the series for 2014. The Championship race will be in Knoxville, May 2015 but will be a blended distance of an Olympic and Half. (As it is fr the 2014 Knoxville race). The Championship race will be the 10th race of the series and is mandatory if you are racing for the series bonus. It is, however, open for any Pro to race in as the results will count towards the following years series.

Pro Triathlon Events w/ 1,000 Point Max:

  • Williamsburg Oly
  • Maine Olympic
  • Pocono Mountains Half
  • South Carolina OLY
  • Ixtapa, MX Oly
  • Florida Half

Pro Triathlon Events w/ 1,300 Point Max:

  • Quassy Half
  • Knoxville Championship Race


Additionally, we will reward pro triathlete commitment beyond the four points-scoring races with LOYALTY POINTS.



Athletes must compete in at least three (3) Rev3 races of any distance to be considered for the series prize, but we will score A MAXIMUM of four (4) races. (Athletes can better their chances by competing in multiple races. We will keep the points from your four (4) best races.

Series races include the Knoxville Hybrid / Quassy Half Rev / Williamsburg Oly Rev / West Virginia Half / Maine Olympic Rev / Pocono Mountains Half Rev / South Carolina Oly / Ixtapa, MX Oly / Florida Half Rev / Knoxville Championship Race May, 2015

Series ending prize money will be paid out to the top 5 overall Men and Women as follows:

2014 Final Series Pay Out: $100,000


Loyalty points are awarded on an increasing scale to athletes who complete more than four (4) races. The points increase for each race over four (4) that you finish. For your 5th race, you earn an additional 90 points. 6th race, you earn an extra 150 points. Etc…

Please note, The Championship race will be the 10th race of the series and is mandatory if you are racing for the series bonus. The race will be held in May of 2015 and will offer a

$75,000 prize purse and will also count towards points for the 2014 season and the 2015 season. The race will be a blend of the Olympic and Half distance. The $100,000 series bonus will be paid at the Knoxville 2015 race.

Race Dates:

Knoxville, TennesseeHybrid REV TriathlonMay 18
Quassy, ConnecticutHalf REV TriathlonMay 31
Williamsburg, VirginiaOlympic REV TriathlonJune 15
West Virginia, MorgantownHalf REV TriathlonAug 3
Maine, Old Orchard BeachOlympic REV TriathlonAug 24
Pocono Mountains, PennylvaniaHalf REV TriathlonSept 14
South Carolina, AndersonOlympic REV TriathlonOct 12
Ixtapa, MexicoOlympic REV TriathlonOct 26
Florida, VeniceHalf REV TriathlonNov 10


We encourage you to visit our website often for updates, Alternatively, you can keep up to date through our social networks.



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