Courses are subject to change.


Athletes will start and finish their race at the iconic and historic Algonquin Resort.  The saltwater swim course is in the protected, warm waters of Katy’s Cove, which is sheltered by a controlled causeway, allowing the water temperature to warm up to a comfortable 22 degrees July average. This is in sharp contrast to the frigid Bay of Fundy water on the other side of the causeway. Katy’s Cove has been a part of St. Andrews summer experience for generations. The beautiful sandy cove is unique with its lake-like conditions in warm salt water – unique to the sport of triathlon in this part of Canada.



Our spectacular bike course parallels the Passamaquoddy Bay and the St. Croix inlet and takes athletes towards the Town of St. Stephen and the Maine (U.S.A.) border. Our course begins on the controlled Highway # 127 which is closed to all, but local residents. The course then enters the entirely closed Highway # 1 multi-lane highway, which is closed to vehicle traffic on race day, giving our athletes the opportunity to race the majority of their bike leg on an entirely closed multi-lane highway. The bike course combines rolling hills with scenic views of Passamaquoddy Bay, St. Croix Inlet and historic Champlain Island.



Our two loop run course will rank as one of the most scenic courses in our sport. We will take you through all of the major historic sites in the Town of St. Andrews where you will be surrounded by the Bay of Fundy on all sides. .

Athletes will run along the seashore towards the historic St. Andrews waterfront with its beautiful shops and iconic buildings. You will be guaranteed to meet some of our friendly volunteers and spectators who will be happy to show you our Maritime hospitality. Lastly, you will run past Pagan point and its many island views before starting up the hill towards the transition area.

Just before arriving back at transition you will pass by the grounds of our Title Sponsor, KINGSBRAE GARDEN. Home to one of the finest gardens in the World, these gardens cannot be missed during your stay in St. Andrews. KINGSBRAE GARDEN offers activities for the kids and stunning scenery for adults as well as fine dining that must be experienced. After passingKINGSBRAE GARDEN you will run through the archway of the Algonquin Resort and begin your second lap.