On race morning, once you have set up your transition area in T2 there will be buses to take athletes down to T1/Swim Start at Jamestown Beach from 4:45 – 7:00am. The shuttle ride is 20 minutes so be sure to give yourself enough time!

There will NOT be transportation back to T1 after the race. There WILL be parking for spectators and family near the swim start.

All athletes will be able to park at the Warhill Sports Complex. If you are a spectator and plan on watching the swim and wanting to get back in time to see your athlete at T2/Finish Line we would recommend you drive to swim start in the morning, park there, then drive back to the Expo/T2/Finish area.  The best route to do this is:

  • Take Jamestown Road (eastbound)
  • turn left onto Ironbound Rd
  • Turn Right onto Monticello Ave
  • Take Rte 199N and get off at Longhill Rd heading Northwest
  • Take a right onto Warhill Train which is the Warhill Sports Complex (T2/Finish).

Total Drive time is 17 minutes. We highly recommend everyone take this route to avoid all cycling traffic and traffic back ups. 

T1/Swim Start Parking Map

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