We want you to look good while racing with Rev3. You will notice in your packet pickup that we have given everyone Rev3 tattoo’s for your body marking for race day. Make sure you put these on BEFORE you arrive on site. We would recommend applying the tattoos when you wake up on race day, they are know to be a little sticky and can stick to bed sheets.  THERE WILL BE NO BODY MARKING ON RACE MORNING.

Simple procedure, you should have been given 2 tattoos with your bib number on them. These two numbers go on the upper part of your arm between your shoulder and elbow. To apply these tattoos, REMOVE THE PLASTIC SHEET first.  Place one bib number on your right arm and the other bib number tattoo on your left arm.  Use a wet cloth to dampen the area around the tattoo.  Once the tattoo is damp, remove the paper. Instant tattoo!

You will receive the following tattoos: Two long numbered tattoos (these go on your arms), One rectangle size tattoo with your bib number (this goes on your right hand), your age (goes on your right calf), then a letter for your distance either an O or a H (which goes underneath your age on your calf)

To Remove Your Tattoos: There are a couple tips. You can try baby oil or packing tape works the best. Just put a layer of tape on the tattoo and it removes it with one swipe. We have also heard mouthwash, and nail polish remover can do the trick!