Swim Course Summary:

You will be swimming a point to point swim in Williamsburg. The swim will be an in water start. You will be swimming in a rectangle formation.  There will be orange or red buoys marking the turning points for the Half and Olympic.

Wetsuit Waves:

USAT rules state that competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.

USAT rules also state that if the water temperature is between 78.1 – 83.9 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards. If this is the case in Williamsburg we will have two wetsuit waves, one will be for Half athletes and the other will be for Olympic. These will take place after all age group waves have gone. You will still receive a finisher time but will not be eligible for age group awards.

If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above, participants may not wear wetsuits.

We will announce  the final race water temperature in transition (T1) on race morning, but will give updates in both athletes meetings on Saturday.

Swim Waves:

6:40am:  Men Under 40, Clydesdale, Para- Neon Orange Caps
6:45am:  Men 40+- Neon Yellow Caps
6:50am:  Women Under 40- Neon Green Caps
6:55am:  Women 40+, Athena, Aquabike, Relays- Powder Blue Caps
7:05am:  Men 45+ – Neon Pink Caps
7:10am:  Men Under 35- Orange Caps
7:15am:  Men 35-39, Men 40-44, Clydedale- Yellow Caps
7:20am:  Women 40+, Aquabike, Relays, Para, Athena- Green Caps
7:25am:  Women Under 40- White Caps


Swim Course Rules and Regulations:

  • Wearing swim goggles or a face mask is recommended, but optional
  • No fins, paddles, or flotation devices of any kind allowed
  • Timing Chips must be secured on your ankle.
  • No individual paddlers or escorts allowed. Course will be adequately patrolled by surfboards, kayaks, and patrol boats.
  • Please do not apply sunscreen or Vaseline to areas bearing your race number prior to applying your race number. Numbers must remain on during the swim.
  • Time penalties may be imposed on an athlete not behind the official start line 5 minutes prior to the race start.
  • Swimmers are required to stay on course, swim clockwise, and keep turn buoys on their right. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • If you require assistance in the swim you are able to hold on to any kayak as long as you do not make any forward progression. If you are unable to finish the swim or need immediate assistance please remove your swim cap and wave it in the air until a boat or lifeguard is by your side.
  • Each swimmer must wear the colored swim cap provided by the Race Director, unless you have latex allergies or you switch for the red swim cap.

Course Map

Go to Google Map Page -http://rev3tri.com/williamsburg/course-info-va/swim-course/

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