Packet Pick Up will be available from 5am-6am at the timing trailer in the Rev3 Expo.

Transition opens at 5:45am on race morning. Bike technicians will be available in the transition area on race morning from 5:45am to 7:00am. Remember to bring your Rev3 timing chip, swim cap, goggles, and wetsuit.

You will not be permitted into the transition area on race day without your athlete wristband and timing chip. If you have misplaced any of these items please see the transition area director for a replacement.

Time Trial Swim Start:

The swim will be a time trial start for the Half and Olympic Age Group Athletes. We will arrange everyone in waves by age group and when we call your wave you will need to line up in order of speed. We will be sending two athletes two seconds apart.

There will be a swim warm up from 7:00am to 7:45am 

Half Rev: First athletes will enter the water at 7:30am 

  1. Males Under 40, Clydesdales
  2. Men 40 and Over
  3. All Women, Relays, Aquabikes

Olympic Rev: First Athlete will go into the water at 8:00am

  1. All Collegiates
  2. Males Under 40, Clydesdales
  3. Males 40 and Over
  4. All Females, Relays, Aquabike



**Red Caps will be available for all swimmers who feel uncomfortable in the water, just ask at registration and we will provide you with a different cap.**