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Video Contest

Capture Your Rev3 Triathlon Moments! Racers, friends, family and volunteers – THIS IS FOR YOU!  We know your loved one, your training partners, your friends, or your biggest fan is racing all day long!  You’re here to support them, cheer for them at different places during the race and hey – maybe snapping a few shots and taking some video to remember that awesome time you had the Wisconsin Dells – well, we want to see it too!

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Whether it is the atmosphere on during the triathlon (Olympic age group race, kids race, HalfREV Triathlon – PRO and Age Group), the nervous buzz around the start of the race, a hot looking bike, the best or worst transition, a fight to the finish, or an exciting moment — shoot a video with your smartphone, upload via YOUTUBE, VIMEO, or CAPTIMO, tag it, then share it with us.

Hey – there’s a bonus too!!!   

The most viewed, liked and shared videos will win prizes and namely FREE ENTRY to your REV3 Triathlon Race of choice!


  • 1st:  FREE Entry to any REV3 Triathlon Race of YOUR CHOICE!
  • 2nd: Discount Entry to any REV3 Triathlon Race of YOUR CHOICE!
  • 3rd: Pearl Izumi Custom Designer REV3 Tech Tee!
  • 4-10th: It’s a surprise!!! Redeem your prize at the Rev3 Store.
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  1. RECORD your triathlon race moment
  2. UPLOAD to your video sharingplatform of choice:
    1. YOUTUBE
    2. VIMEO
    3. CAPTIMO
    4. Anything!  Just send it to us!
  3. SHARE your video
    1. FACEBOOK: <your video URL> @REVOLUTION3 Triathlon (REV3TRI)
    2. TWITTER: <your video URL> #rev3dells, @rev3tri
    3. CAPTIMO: #rev3dells, @rev3tri
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REV3 Social Media Sites:

  1. FACEBOOK @  www.facebook.com/revolution3.triathlon
  2. TWITTER @ twitter.com/rev3tri
  3. CAPTIMO @ www.facebook.com/revolution3.triathlon/app_420973157938872
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How long does the video have to be?

  • 30 seconds to 1 minute.

What and where do we shoot video?

Wherever you want! Need some ideas? Here are some of our favorite locations on the course…

  1. The Expo - we’ve got a ton of things happening around the expo—the Little Rev Adventure Race, Pro Panel, Sponsors and giveaways—there are a ton of things to do each day whether you are an athlete or a fan- the expo is where it’s at!
  2. Race Day Transition: They’ll be a ton of activity going on race weekend for the Olympic Distance and the Half Rev Distance Races.
  3. Aid Stations: Thank our great volunteers by capturing your favorite aid station along the route.
  4. Anywhere around town:  The Wisconsin Dells is a fantastic place with so much to do and see.  We wanna be part of it- capture a video that you feel relates to the you, your training group, or your time here.

Should the videos look professional?

We don’t require you do have a backbreaking camera rig!  A smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) or Flip Camera will do the job.

Mobile Video Contest Dates:

  • Contest End: TBD


So, get out there and get filming.  This is gonna be an amazing weekend of racing filled with many opportunities to shoot the best race video of the day.  We look forward to viewing YOUR VIDEOS!



Event Info:


Course Preview



Wisconsin Dells has been a family institution for 150 years.  Wisconsin Dells is chiefly known for its waterparks, which is the largest concentration of waterparks, indoor and outdoor, in the world.  Rain or shine, the whole family can enjoy these beautiful water attractions year round.  In addition to the waterparks, the Dells also features a slew of nightlife and dining options, shopping, rides and even several petting zoos.  All ages will find something to delight and entice at Wisconsin Dells.  <read more>



Prize Purse

  • $4,800  (Half-REV)
  • $TDB  (Olympic-REV)


We encourage you to visit our website often for updates, Alternatively, you can keep up to date through our social networks.



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